LIVE REVIEW: Hatebreed Live at Sokol

Hatebreed at the historic venue - Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, Nebraska. Photo by Robert A Chadwick


May 14, 2019 marked the return to Omaha for Hatebreed at Sokol Auditorium. Along with Hatebreed brought along with them were Obituary, Madball, Prong, and Skeletal Remains. Though it was only a Tuesday night, a good portion of Omaha’s heavy music scene came out in force.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in time for Skeletal Remains, but I did get to see Prong to kick my night off. This was my third time seeing them live. The riffage was in full force, led by vocalist and guitarist Tommy Victor. Very tight band, indeed. Jason Christopher, bassist, complements well for Victor’s guitar playing. Tommy Victor loves to jump so much. Has quite a bit of energy for being 52 years old. As always, closed with “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck”, which still sounds fresh to this day. If you haven’t seen Prong, do yourself a favor and see them when they hit your town.

The legendary New York hardcore act Madball was next. I have never seen an act so intense and fast. I’m not a hardcore lover, but I understand the culture. These guys were all killer, no filler. Lead vocalist Freddy Cricien was a force of energy, going 150 mph on stage. These guys really knew how to throw down! Check out their latest release, For the Cause.

Obituary was the direct support of the night. They are considered one of the OGs of the death metal genre. And they brought it! John Tardy, lead vocalist, with the longest head of hair I ever seen on a man, screamed his ass off. Kenny Andrews, lead guitarist, melted everyone’s faces off. It was heavy. It was fast. Unfortunately, bassist Terry Butler’s daughter passed away a week before the show due to a car accident, causing him to leave tour and Obituary to play as a four-piece. Obituary still powered through, regardless. Rest in peace, Jona Wright.

Finally, it was Hatebreed’s turn to hit the stage. This was my third time seeing them live, as they are one of my favorites that are not too miss. And the small, but mighty Omaha crowd brought it. The pit was on fire. The band was tight. Jamey Jasta and the band were defiantly impressed.  They played songs from everyone album, from 1997’s Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire to 2016’s The Concrete Confessional, as this tour was celebrating the band’s 25 year career. I don’t know how Jamey Jasta does this every night, must be the Monster energy drinks, but he is one of the best frontmen out there. They are touring machines and love to come to this part of the country. I am looking forward to hearing their next album.





Skeletal Remains

All photos by © Robert Chadwick Photography
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