Based in Nebraska, the Go Venue Magazine is the go-to source for marvelous concerts, music, news and events surrounding the state of Nebraska/Iowa. We review a wide variety of music genres, from local, national and international. We write and photograph on variety of rock concerts, from punk, blues, rock, heavy metal, alternative, and some more. Likewise, we also cover the rock festivals.

Go Venue Staff

Robert A. Chadwick – Editor-in-Chief / Photographer

David Taylor – Writer
Dean Birkheimer – Photographer/Writer
James Simons – Photographer/Writer
Jess Beck – Photographer/Writer
Mars Simons – Photographer/Writer
Maurice Nunez – Photographer/Writer
Mike Kennedy – Writer
Mike Shaler – Photographer/Writer
Pam Whisenhunt – Photographer/Writer
Stephanie Lemus – Photographer/Writer

Alison Toon – Photographer/Writer
Brenda Turner – Photographer/Writer
Craig Stebbins – Photographer/Writer
Gloria Skulls – Photographer/Writer
Joe DeSanti – Photographer/Writer
Kris Comer – Photographer/Writer

Contributing Photographer and Writer will be added shortly.

At this moment I am seeking some writers covering Omaha/Council Bluffs and Lincoln. If interesting, please contact me. Plan to add some photographers, but is currently closed.