CONCERT REVIEW: Calabrese with Zombeast and The Returners Tear Down The Slidebar

Arizona’s hardcore punk rock band Zombeast performs a sold-out show at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen in Fullerton, California. Photo credit: Maurice Nunez.

Words by Gloria Skulls and photos by Maurice Nunez

Saturday, July 14, 2018 – Calabrese is an American rock band, based out of Phoenix, Arizona from 2033-present. The band consists of brothers Bobby Calabrese (guitar and vocals), Jimmy Calabrese (bass and vocals), Davey Calabrese (Drums). Calabrese can be best described as catchy fun alternative Rock with a kick of badass and a side of Horror. The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen, Fullerton, California, was a sold out show and a jammed packed one! Calabrese band members hung out and mingled with fans before and after the show. The energy in the room was ecstatic, when Calabrese hit the stage they projected their good vibes onto the crowd and like a shock wave, the fans felt that energy. Calabrese is currently working on a new project, I’m sure that many of us can’t wait to hear what it is all about!

They ended the night in great spirits and thanked everyone for the support. I’m sure the fans would love to have these guys back soon!

Zombeast is back! after a 10 year absence, members of Zombeast decided it was time for a comeback and what better way to return than to be the opening act for Calabrese.

Zombeast was born August of 2004 in Arizona, their style can be described as Horror rock with a punk/metal sound. There is no doubt that Zombeast has a large fan base, most of their fans are also huge fans of Danzig and Zombeast definitely brings Danzig vibes to fans by doing SAMHAIN covers with the amazing vocals of their frontman Mario. Zombeast unique sound and lyrics put them apart from the norm. Their performance at the Slidebar was intense with a nonstop pit and fans singing right along with them. it was a phenomenal experience. Can’t wait to see what they will do next. See photos of Zombeast below:


The Returners, a punk band founded in 2007 right here in SoCal, was the opening act. Their unique sound is based on their love for the macabre and horror cult classic films, bringing the sounds of death-rock, horror punk, Gothic, and psychobilly. Their great energy set the mood for the rest of the bands. Looking forward to seeing more from these guys.