Anthems are “Hunting for Emotions” in their new music video!

Anthems Promo Photo

Prague’s new wave metalcore band Anthems has recently released their new music video for “Hunting for Emotions.” The song is from their debut album “Consciousness,” which was released last November. This new “hymn” explores the process of searching for true self and the band itself stated that the song is “dedicated to all of you, who are trying to find yourselves among the imprinted opinions, general “truths” and living the lives of others” in reference to the content of the lyrics.

With its message the song meets the discourse of a new visual concept that the band announced together with the publication of the music video. Searching for the truths of life and a journey towards fulfilment of your foresight and an achievement of a happy life are a basis for the philosophy that the band identified with and proclaims. The band depicts this mindset with 5 signs representing honesty, love, vision, faith and life. Anthems therefore took a fundamental step forward with which they want to draw attention not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad and inspire masses with their work of art.

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