Thursday Brings ‘War All the Time’ to Showdown

New Jersey's post-hardcore band, Thursday played at the Omaha's Slowdown on Thursday, February 1, 2024. (Photo credit: Reagan Johnson)

REAGAN JOHNSON | Go Venue Magazine

Thursday played at downtown Omaha’s Slowdown (very fittingly) on Thursday, Feb 1, 2024. They are touring with their 2003 album, War All the Time. Supporting acts for this date were Rival Schools and Many Eyes.

First up for the night was Many Eyes. This is their first tour since the band formed in 2021. Keith Buckey of Every Time I Die, had the idea for the band after a month-long stay in a recovery center, according to the band’s website. Many Eyes wasted no time getting into their brand-new songs, and getting the crowd charged up. Keith’s vocals were killer, and I was sucked in for the entire set. I was an instant fan. Buckley mentioned coming back to Omaha in the future, and I for one, can’t wait.

Rival Schools opened with their song, “Good Things”, and they definitely had fans feeling good. Their set was stacked with great songs and much love for the fans. They also showed their love for headlining band Thursday, by dedicating their song, “Hooligans for Life” to them. This was the New York-based band’s first time playing in Omaha. Lead vocalist Walter Schreifels made sure to let concertgoers know that “Omaha fucking rips!,” and I’d have to agree. Omaha gave Rival Schools a warm welcome, and fans were sure to show them that the feeling was mutual.

The crowd was packed with long-time Thursday fans, and the small, intimate venue made for an emotionally charged atmosphere. This was my first time getting to see Thursday perform. I’d always listened enviously to descriptions of their live shows. I didn’t have to miss out any longer, and the suspense was killing me. Many other people in attendance were in the same boat. I always enjoy watching people get to see their favorites live. Whether it’s for the first time or the hundredth. It was hard to tell the difference because everyone was buzzing with excitement regardless. The lights dimmed, and the members of Thursday took to the stage. The last of the members on stage was lead vocalist Geoff Rickly. He entered with all of his signature energy. Rickly is a bit of a legend in the post-hardcore scene, and it was immediately easy to see how he got such a reputation. The band played one of my favorites, “Signals Over the Air,” and judging by the crowd reaction, it’s one that everyone knows and loves. They ended the night on a high note with their fan favorite song, “Jet Black New Year.” This was such a memorable show, and one that is sure to stick with everyone in attendance. Thursday are New Jersey legends, but their sound has spread all over the world since they formed in 1997, and it has always lived in the hearts of their devoted fans.


Rival Schools

Many Eyes

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