Greta Van Fleet Lights up the Pinnacle Bank Arena

Greta Van Fleet at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska on Monday, April 29, 2024. (Photo credit: Pam Whisenhunt)

PAM WHISENHUNT | Go Venue Magazine

Greta Van Fleet brought their 2024 Starcatcher Tour to the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska, 29 April 2024.  I can’t believe this was the first time I’d seen Greta Van Fleet live.  I’ve loved and followed them for years, but for what ever reason, never caught a show.  2024 was my year.  

Over the years, Greta Van Fleet’s appearance has changed, but their unique sound has stayed fairly consistent. Greta Van Fleet has produced a multitude of bangers and of late they’ve been the background for trending Instagram reals and TikTok videos; look up “Light My Love” and “Highway Tune”.  The most notable change for them has been visually. Greta Van Fleet has always had their own style, but thanks to the help of designer Amber Doyle and a push from Elton John, their appearance has evolved into some of the most spectacular and flamboyant looks and fans love it. At one point in the show, Josh Kiszka (lead vocals) said he asked for a jumpsuit that looked like a “crystal chandelier”. He got it and said it weighs about as much as a chandelier. Taking off his jacket, he also stated, taking off clothes should be as much of an event as putting them on. Kiszka started the show in an amazing white velvet jumpsuit adorned with crystals and embroidered gold peacock feathers. His brother Sam Kiszka (bass and keyboard) wore a satin red leisure suit with crystals along the arm sleeves and legs. Instead of a shirt under the coat, he wore a satin scarf and an amazing chained chest piece with rhinestones. The other brother and twin to Josh, Jake Kiszka (guitar) wore a dark suit with an embroidered sword across the chest representing artwork from their newest album, Starcatcher. Dangling from the sword were red beads and rhinestones, giving the illusion of blood dripping from the sword. Drummer Danny Wagner sat behind the kit wearing a crystal, sleeveless, cape like shirt, chained at the sides. All band members dress and make up gave them a unified, glamourous look. 

Greta Van Fleet has a diehard fan base, and they came out in full force. Fans dressed the glamourous part, wore the sequin and rhinestones, sang all the songs and added plenty of screaming for effect. Greta Van Fleet made sure to give the whole crowd personal attention, everything from handing out flowers along both sides of the stage to performing a portion of their set on a “B Stage”. After Danny Wagner’s extensive drum solo, the band popped up on an alternate stage at the back of the arena and played three stripped down songs. The acoustic set really showcased Josh Kiszka’s vocals and his ability to effortlessly hit a multitude of high notes. Josh Kiszka handed out more flowers and waved to everyone in the audience before departing the B State, making their way along the edge of the crowd and back to the main stage to finish the set. 

Greta Van Fleet setlist mainly consisted of songs from Starcatcher with a few other popular songs and a cover of Unchained Melody which Josh Kiszka dedicated to all the lovers out there. Greta Van Fleet have quite a few dates stateside before they head overseas.  There’s still time to catch a show.

All images © Pam Whisenhunt

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