Sturgis Day 5, August 13, 2021

Day 5 on Friday, August 13, 2021, we decided to take it a bit easier today than we had been the past few days since we’d been walking roughly 5 to 7 miles per day since the beginning of the trip and quite frankly our Chevro-legs and Lamborfeeties needed a rest!

The day’s journey began at Iron Horse Saloon where we caught some barrel racing, and I have to be honest, I never expected to see a slow-off between motorcycles at Sturgis. The audience was pretty captivated as there were several spectators who were cheering on the Pineapple Kid who ended up winning the whole event.

After the winner was announced, we made our way back to the main street where we ran into a couple who does photography down in Ft. Worth, TX. “We’ve been coming here for decades,Julien said. “Once you get to that point, people just kind of know you.” We explained to her that it was our first time up at the rally, and her and Lambert were very nice to chat with for a while. You can check them out at – they’re pretty good at what they do!

We then decided it was time for some lunch, so we popped over to a street vendor and had some mac & cheese, which was delicious even though it was $10/bowl and probably cost about $1 to make, but hey, everyone needs to make a buck, right? We chatted with a super nice family who came in from Seattle, WA and we got to share some experiences with them before they left.

Following lunch, we snagged some drinks at the Dungeon Bar again, and we got to witness a group of people taking body shots off of one of the bartenders. I can’t recall what all of her rules were, but the main rule was, “Don’t tell my parents!

We also had the chance to catch a few bands at The Knuckle Saloon, as well as some Midget Wrestling, which was interesting to see. The vendors were also out in full force, although the crowds had diminished significantly from the day before. I think when you get this close to the end of the rally, and most people have been out here for two weeks, there’s only so many $8 beers you can have before you pack it in and just get a case for yourself at the store.

There was one confusing moment in the journey when we ventured back over to Iron Horse. Tommy Vext was playing with his new band, and we wanted to go just to enjoy the show since we didn’t have press passes for the event. Well, after some miscommunication, we were waved into the pit by a security guard, then got told to leave, and we tried to clarify with the pit crew that we weren’t there to shoot the show, but we got ushered down to the pit. Out of respect for Tommy Vext and the entire crew, we’ll hold off on posting any images as the whole ordeal was pretty chaotic, and we didn’t want to break any rules. I will say though, the man knows how to put on a show!

The evening was polished off at One Eyed Jack’s Saloon. The service wasn’t particularly great, but at least the drinks were expensive! After meeting a few interesting humans, we decided to call it a night for ourselves so that we could get some rest for the following day. Below are some of the shots we captured throughout the day!

All images © Jess Beck, Jade Richelle, and Zel Michaels
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