Saving Abel Bring Their Rock Set to Joplin

Saving Abel's Scotty Austin at the

Wow is this real, I mean I just walked into the event and I see a stage and people better pinch myself ha! Sorry, those were my first thoughts as I began to set up my camera at the show tonight. There was some guy on stage keeping folks entertained while they waited with some live rap and fresh beats. Noticing friends greeting each other like we had been hiding underground for years the atmosphere was electrified with friendship and love for music that we thought had been lost.

First up was a band I didn’t expect and at first, they walked out I was wondering if it was an EMD performance however three more members of Lucid Paradoxx walked out and started performing a rap/rock mix of songs, and surprisingly most of the rockers in the audience responded to it with cheers and dancing. I really wish they had turned down the lights and had a black light system set up because here and there I caught the glowing neon in their stage gear. Check out their social media if you’re interested in something new and like the rap-rock crossover genre.

EdgeOverEdge took the stage next and at first, I didn’t realize they were a local band to southeast Kansas but yes we do have some very talented musicians down here. From the moment they started up the crowd let it known they were ready to rock and threw metal horns and cheers while having some beers! Watch out for these guys at more shows and hope to see them develop more music and tour around to other shows that I cover in the future. Took a break and sat with some friends off to the side of the bleachers and had a conversation about them, seems everyone was thoroughly enjoying these fellows and their music.

Well, the wait is over its time to the main reason we all came Saving Abel! As the guys took the stage after being introduced by Rock 107 the cheering took a bit to die down and everyone was singing along to their favorite songs. Some mic trouble didn’t stop them from making it seem like we never had a year off from concerts. Rocking along about halfway thru Scotty Austin called for a min to give respect to our troops and veterans because in his words “I’m a fucking American!” Roaring cheers and handshakes to all the attending vets as well as Scotty and many thanking them for their service, which reminds me to thank all of you for serving and never forget! That’s from my heart too and should be taught to every child growing up in my opinion. Addicted was the closing song and is still one of America’s favorites so I didn’t see anyone that wasn’t singing along including myself.

Summing up the show I’d like to mention that Fivestar Entertainment did a great job with the setup and was quick to fix any issues so the show didn’t suffer. Elevate the Game, in Joplin, MO, is a perfect place for concerts as it has room to expand for even larger shows, plenty of parking, and it was easy to navigate the concessions and bathrooms. Overall this was a great show and can’t wait to see more from both companies this year!

Saving Abel

EdgeOverEdge & Lucid Paradoxx

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