Look What TAYLOR SWIFT Made Us Do At The ERA Tour at Kansas City’s GEHA Field

Taylor Swift brings her The ERA Tour to GEHA Field in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday, July 7, 2023. (Photo by Dean Birkheimer)

PHOTOS BY DEAN BIRKHEIMER (Chloe’s Grandpa) | Go Venue Magazine

On Friday, July 7th I saw Taylor Swift in concert. To begin with, I wanna say there were so many swifties there. They were all so excited to see her, and so was I.  Many of the swifties were hanging out in the parking lot, where a bunch of bracelet trading was taking place. I even saw some fans hanging out in the trunks of their SUV’s playing music and dancing. There were all sorts of fancy heels, dresses, shirts and pants. All of these outfits were stunning and I loved every one. When we got in the stadium we made our way to the concessions, the food and drinks were great and the lines were not too bad. It was time for the openers to come out. First was Gracie Abrams.  She has a beautiful voice and all of her songs were amazing! Next out was Muna. They were poppy, and they have a really great lead singer.  Her name is Katie Gavin.  The guitar player was so good. Her name is Josette Maskin. Just before Taylor came on, I went to visit my grandpa, he was one of the photographers in the pit. We were talking and then Taylor’s sound guy came over to me and gave me her guitar pick. I was so thankful and excited. Then I saw the big countdown clock.  Everyone was screaming and so was I. When the clock went away, “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince” started playing. Taylor came out from under a bunch of capes.  It was beautiful. Everyone kept on screaming and when Taylor started singing I was so happy. Next was “Cruel Summer”. While she was singing, she pointed at me, and I was shocked.  The lights were beautiful. As they got the stage set up for “The Man” she started singing and put on a suit. She then ran to the props and did a few cute poses. She and her dancers were acting like they were at work in an office. It was cute. After that, she sang “You Need To Calm Down” which is about pride month, she had us swing are hands and so many lights filled the stadium. She had a big house in the background and had her guitar, she started playing “Lover”. Her voice and outfit were perfect.  As she played “The Archer” she started doing very soft dances, and she pretended to shoot a Bow and arrow into the air. She went to change for “Fearless” and on the big screen there were sparkle’s. When she came out again, she had on a fringe dress and everyone kept screaming. Her guitar player was also playing with her. They started playing “You Belong With Me” and she started shaking, and her fringe was going everywhere. Light-up bracelets that everyone got when they entered the stadium were changing colors.  Taylor was so happy.  “Love Story” was next and everyone was so happy cause they all love that song. Taylor was so excited.  “Tis the Damn Season” was next and it was beautiful. The props were amazing. She played the piano during “Willow”. Her voice sounds like she is an angel. “Marjorie” is one of my favorites, she did really good on that song and I loved it!  Next was “Champagne Problems” it was “mwah”, perfection. All the swifties were singing their hearts off. “Tolerate” was also amazing. It is a very smooth song and I loved it.  “Reputation” started and on the big screen a snake started slithering, and we saw Taylor coming out and the screaming was even louder. Taylor came out in her rep outfit and “Ready For It” started.  It was so cool. There were red lights and bright lights everywhere. “Delicate” started playing, and I loved the part when everyone said “123 let’s go b**** “. The lights were so stunning. “Don’t Blame Me” is one of my favorites. I loved her vocals and her props to it.  They were amazing.  “Look What You Made Me Do” was also amazing. I loved all the different Taylor’s in the boxes on the big board. It was so cool. “Enchanted” was gorgeous. The flowers and her dress was also gorgeous. She also sang “Long Live” Taylor’s version. This is where she had the koi fish guitar from the Country Music Hall of Fame.

There was a red box and whenever it was opened songs would play.  Taylor put on her “We Are Never Getting Back Together Like Ever” shirt and started singing “22”. Near the end of the song, she gave a girl her hat. “Never Getting Back Together”, “I knew You Were Trouble”, “All Too Well (10 min version)”,  “Invisible String”, “Betty”, and “American Dynasty” followed. During “August” she would sit in the little cabin and sway her dress which was so beautiful. Next was “Illicit Affairs”. I personally love this song.   “My Tears Ricochet” was next, followed by “Cardigan”. When she came out of a door, everyone screamed. The next song was “Blank Space” she was so cute when she sang it. She had a golf club, and she was up high, which made it so cool.  My OG song “Shake it Off” was next. I loved when she shakes her fringe dress.  All her moves were great. During “Wildest Dreams” the background on the big screen was shimmering. Taylor changed in her yellow dress and sat at her piano. She started talking about speak now Taylor’s version and said, “I have a vault track that was not on speak now, and I have a music video”, which she premiered just for us. The song was “I Can See You”. It had Taylor LautnerJoey King, and Presley Cash.  “Never Grow Up”, featured a dive in the water on the stage. “Lavender Haze”, “Anti Hero”, “Midnight Rain”, “Vigilante S***”,  Bejeweled” and “Mastermind” were all next. The last song was “Karma” she had her fringe jacket on and she did so many cute moves and poses. At the end, confetti came down while Taylor blew kisses. She left the stage and everyone started grabbing confetti off the ground. It was so fun, we loved it and never wanted to leave. If she comes again, I will go again….and again…and again.

Taylor Swift


Gracie Abrams

All images © Dean Birkheimer

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