Punk Night at Acadia Bar and Grill | July 20, 2017

Marissa Anne

Acadia Bar and Grill hosts a Post Punk explosion featuring: “Brainstorm For Tuesday”, “Lip Service”, “Diamond Aces”, “The Idle Kind” and “Morning In May”. Two hometown bands and three on a tour made up for one raucous night of fun and fast paced music!

“Brainstorm For Tuesday” an Indie/Alt rock band from Houston started the evening off with a bang! Justin Nguyen –  guitar – vocals, Robert Veiyra – lead guitar,  Conner Morgan – drums and Raymond on bass guitar.  Their jazz infused sensibility perfectly displayed their impressive musical abilities. The bassist and guitarist kept things fresh by switching off instruments during the last song. Energizing and interesting they got the crowd warmed up easily. Justin told us “We’re planning to release a new EP. Before we tour Japan with “In the Low”. (math rock group that we love) Our next show is August 11th with “Den Mother” and  “And Then Suddenly” at Avant Garden. Do yourself a favor. Go.  

“Lip Service” is a punk rock band based out of Conroe. Hayden Benson, vocals – guitar, Alec McCrory – bass, Cannon Brand on drums, and Connor Farmer – lead guitar officially formed in 2016. Their powerful and spirited sound reminding one of both the early 80’s and the 90’s with their 26 second punk opus “No Pants”. Easy to dance to, boisterous and great fun one audience member was quoted as saying ‘They make me feel ridiculously happy.” The youngest member being only 15 years old showcases the fact that these are skilled musicians and tremendous performers. They are currently compiling new material for and EP and are currently booking shows in the Houston and surrounding areas.

This was the last stop on a multi city tour for “Diamond Aces”,“The Idle Kind” and “Morning In May”. “The Idle Kind” are Chance Sampson – vocals, Greg Stout – guitar and vocals, Joey Alexander – guitar, Jordan Raines – drums and Conner Cappel – bass from Denton, TX.  They are currently promoting their June 2017 release “Suffer Through The Motions” self described as “It’s a 10 track record, pretty emo and pop punk. We self funded and produced with the help of our friend Forrest Culotta from Stinson Studios in Austin. He brought it to life.” Beginning their set in darkness with the lone voice of Lydia Deetz overhead saying her trademark “ I am utterly alone” their upbeat pop/punk aesthetic winning the crowd. Singer Chance Sampson took his mic and his stand and proceeded out into the audience to sing to the crowd from their vantage point. The crowd went wild at the level of participation from the band members.

“Diamond Aces”  Javier Palmieri – vocals and guitar, Cristian Palmieri – vocals and guitar, Danny Fana – vocals and bass and Jon Forrester on drums make up this pop punk/alt rock band from Ft. Lauderdale. High energy, amazing guitars and excellent harmonies made them an instant hit with the audience. The boys handed out foam swords to the audience and took a moment to play completing the feeling you had been invited to someone’s party.  The night was tinged with sadness and loss as Javier spoke in loving tribute of Chester Bennington singer of Linkin Park who tragically committed suicide earlier that day. “This really made us sad to hear. It also reminds us that if you see someone struggling reach out, do something. He then told us of the tragedy they had to endure with the loss of their own bassist about a year ago. After the show Javier took the time to talk to us and said “This tour was a giant success for us. We managed to reach out to big crowds everywhere we went We have 3 shows coming up in August. One in Concord, North Carolina, the second in Augusta, Georgia, and the third in Jacksonville, FL. Then, we are doing a 3-week tour with “Morning In May” and “Oceans Between Us” all along the east coast.” While unable to tell us when their newest single will be released Javier said “I can tell you that we will be putting out a new EP soon.” Be sure to catch these guys!

This brings us to our headliner “Morning In May”. Jake Bartolic, Chris Kaneck, Josh Blair, Joseph Smith and Mike Cohn make up this exciting pop/punk band from Akron, Ohio. performing songs from their award winning “Akedemia Award -Best Pop Punk EP 2016”release “I Can’t Even” they were a whirlwind of energy and talent. Jake took a moment to quiet the crowd down and performed a cover of “Remembering Sunday” by All Time Low. Poignant and beautiful departure from the fast, hard pace of the evening. They capped off their show and their tour with a bang! It was a truly exciting night of talented performances and good times!



Brainstorm For Tuesday


Lip Service


Diamond Aces


The Idle Kind


Morning In May