Scout Bar presents Saturate and Special Guests, Houston, Texas 7-23-2017

Photos and Review by Marissa Anne

Scout Bar presents Saturate with special guests Lies Of An Alibi, Sensitiser, Ghost Relay and Kross Patrick drums. Special performance by Nomad Suspension hosted by Khris Harding of Punkstar Full Throttle.

There have been many shows at Scout Bar over the years, but this particular show was insane.  Khris Harding hosted a night of Rock n Roll, mayhem and a few blood offerings to the Rock Gods to the delight of all in attendance.

First up on the stage was Ghost Relay a self-described hard quartet out of La Porte, Texas. Powerful vocals, crisp, and clear sound with amazing melody they had an arena rock feel to their set. John Bickel – drums, Sam Rao – vocals/guitar, Josh Pugh – guitar and Abdiel De Los Santos on the bass. “ We formed as an experiment to see what would happen if four guys that all listen to completely different genres of music started writing songs. The songs we played at the Scout Bar was the result. We are looking to book shows anywhere we can.” Anthemic and vibrant the crowds met them with much excitement! Check out their EP “The Winter Sessions” at https://www. reverbnation. com/ghostrelay4

Sensitiser was up next. Byron Smith– Bass/backing vocals, Nick Haas-Guitar/lead vocals, Steve Jackson-drummer/backing vocals make up this 3 piece Progressive rock band from Houston, Texas. Promoting their March 2017 release “Digital Chemistry”. Their vocals are well balanced with Nick and his low pitched voice perfectly foiled by Byron’s high pitched back up’s made for a full and rounded sound. Nick was kind enough to speak with me after the show and said this about the gig “It’s wonderful when bands get together and support each other. It’s what I love about being a part of the Houston music scene. We are Like a family” Playing songs such as “Havoc” and “Augmentation” the crowd showed them just how much they loved them. Catch them live in Galveston, Texas June 29th at the VFW during a benefit held for Nick Hass’s mother. Listen to their releases at https://sensitiser. bandcamp. com/

Lies Of An Alibi with Jacob Kitchens – Vocals, Antho Mikel – Guitar, Will Rollz – Drums, Alex Robertson – Bass and Jay Kane – Guitar/Vocals took the stage next and proceeded to blow the crowd away with their explosive presence and sound. A brand new rock band based out of Houston that formed a “Supergroup” of sorts consisting of members from 3 different bands. High energy, upbeat. They have a style and sound that is indicative of a band that is on the precipice of greatness. Promoting their newest single “Freak Like Me” these guys gave everyone a stunning performance. They are currently in the studio working on a new release which their rabid fans will certainly enjoy.

Next, up was the child prodigy Kross Patrick on drums. Those of you who are not familiar with this wunderkind at the ripe old age of ten he has one of the largest followings this reporter has ever seen. He is amazing to behold and professional. During his set he lost a stick shrugged it off pulled out another and didn’t miss a beat. He has been mentored by some of rock n roll’s finest. I was given the opportunity to speak to his mother Angelica about how he came to be the performer he is. She stated “ He started drumming at 5. He was shy and did not speak to anyone besides us, but he tapped his hands. My brother bought him a drum kit and he began playing songs by ear almost instantly. Especially, Avenged Sevenfold songs by ear. He has had some drum lessons and mentoring/advice from some big names, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Slipknot, Issues, Miss May I.” Having witnessed Rob Zombie himself carrying this kid in the pit at his show last year I can tell you he is on his way to rock greatness. Kross will tell you that his favorite things are “BBQ and chocolate chip cookies.” Exciting to see where this kid winds up in life. Angelica said “His next shows are The Epic Texan: Jennifer’s Bday Bash July 8 at Acadia. He will be jumping in with Calling Chase for one song.  He will also be performing twice at Texas Wake N Scrape ’17 by Mad Gear Hot Rod Apparel August 11-13 in Huntsville, TX.” So, get out there and see for yourself!

Finally, Saturate was up and they were not alone. There was mayhem. There was blood. There was a guy in a blow up sumo suit wearing a luchador mask.  Khris Harding and Moe Duet of Nomad Suspensions were there doing their suspension act on stage while the band played.  J.Miller– vocals, Mike Mexas– guitar, Hector Porras– bass, Curtis Smith-guitar and Fernando Cruz– drums and special guest singer Julian Zamora of Space Rhino. Saturate formed in 2005 and “hit the ground running”. Hard hitting and true performers they are all that is right in rock n roll. Having shared the stage with many well known acts such as Korn, Chevelle, Five Finger Death Punch, Drowning Nino, Otep, All that Remains, Ill mask, Nonpoint, Taproot, and many more. Not to mention several national tours with close friends FLAW they are a force of nature. You can purchase any one of their four releases on


Ghost Relay


Lies Of An Alibi

Kross Patrick Drums

Nomad Suspensions


Punkstar FULL Throttle