Acadia presents Bateman Red, Pulse Rate Zero and Downfall 2012

Photos and Review by Marissa Anne

Bateman Red is one of those hidden gems you run across every so often. They took the stage first and had the crowd dancing and shouting immediately. Ryne Nave – Vocals and Guitar has a versatility that is simply stunning. Singing a medley that included some Nirvana, Skynrd, and Amy Winehouse. Then, following that up with a soulful rendition of “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”. Joe Praetorius on bass and Michael Burks on drums rounded out this tremendously talented trio. They had special guest Matt Danger sit in with his guitar which added to the free for all feel of the whole show. Country to Punk, Easy Listening to Blues, they transitioned easily and with skill. Their set was engaging and fun to watch If you get the opportunity to catch them do so!

Pulse Rate Zero have been together since 2013 and have been burning up the stage since. They gave a powerful and dynamic performance with their 2016 release of “Time Runs Low” Jason Miesse demonstrated his considerable abilities and vocal range. Phil Larson on bass, Chris Ashford on drums and Kevin Reed on guitar played off one another with style and dexterity. They performed a cover of “In The Air Tonight” in a way that paid reverence to the original release, but also made it their own. Interactive and playful with the audience and themselves they give you the feeling of being invited to a private party. Bassist Phil Larsen stated they were working on an upcoming release. Be sure to see them May 27th at Acadia or June 29th at Scout Bar with Saigon Kick.

Downfall 2012 closed out the show. This is a band that do not have any rules. They are hard, fast, and in your face and the crowds love them! They are well known for a number called “Buckets and Barrels” Danny Gil vocals and guitar, Boo Rogers going back and forth between bass and drums and Casey Bowen on drums ditch the conventional for exactly what it sounds like. Buckets and Barrels and trash cans and baseball bats and the best of all? A didgeridoo. They deftly tap into something primal and powerful. Forceful and dynamic vocals along with impeccable musicians gives the audience no choice but to come along for this weird and awesome ride. Their energy and spirit is contagious. They perfectly highlight the theme of versatile and talented musicians out there playing in Houston. Easily going back and forth between genres delivering a commanding performance no matter what they were doing. Check out their release “Every Man for Himself” and decide for yourself!

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