LIVE REVIEW: Hoodie Allen and Jake Miller Bring The Party To Omaha

Hoodie Allen and his band performing at The Slowdown in Omaha, Nebraska on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. Photo by Joe DeSanti.

BY JOE DeSANTI | Go Venue Magazine

On Tuesday night October 8, 2019, Hoodie Allen and Jake Miller continued their “Whatever USA Tour” at The Slowdown in Omaha, Nebraska.  The venue was completely sold out, and it was literally standing room only.  The show, which was supposed to begin at 8pm, actually started a few minutes early, as dozens of eager fans were still filing in.  Twenty-six-year-old, Florida native, Jake Miller opened the show, much to the delight of the ladies in the crowd.  Miller, a singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper, was joined onstage with his drummer and guitarist.  He opened his set with the smash hit, “Wait For You”, and played quite a few songs from his 2016 album, Overnight.  His fourteen-song set featured mostly up-tempo songs, but Jake managed to sneak in some slower jams too.  He even payed tribute to The Killers, and performed an awesome version of “Mr. Brightside.”  At one point, Miller brought 17-year-old, Omaha native, Tomos to the stage to perform, “Nervous”, which was co-produced by the two, and was released earlier this year.  Jake has an amazing energy, and was constantly moving around the stage, and talking to the audience.  His good looks and catchy melodies made him a sure hit with the females in the crowd, but Miller has just enough of an edge, to impress the men as well.  Before the show, I had only heard a few of his songs, but his musical and vocal stylings impressed me a lot.  This was a great way to kick off the night!

After a short intermission, Hoodie Allen and his band took the stage, and the crowd went crazy.  Allen, a singer, songwriter, and rapper from Plainview, New York, is no stranger to the spotlight, having completed over a dozen headlining tours, and releasing four studio albums.  His amazing set included songs from all four studio albums, and covers by T-Pain, The Spice Girls, and ‘N Sync.  He had the crowd singing, dancing, and waving their arms back and forth the entire time.  Allen was joined onstage with his keyboardist, guitarist, and drummer.  At one point, Hoodie stopped the show to sing “Happy Birthday” to a young lady in the crowd.  He was very gracious throughout his set, and kept thanking Omaha for purchasing tickets to the show.  In addition to Allen’s amazing music, concertgoers also experienced impressive visuals including a video wall, laser lights, smoke machines, and balloons.  This was a feel-good show, and I have no doubt that both Hoodie Allen and Jake Miller will continue selling out venues during the rest of their tour!

Hoodie Allen

Jake Miller

All images © Joe DeSanti
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