Nothing More Live in Omaha at The Admiral Theater

Nothing More at The Admiral Theater in Omaha, Nebraska on Tuesday, October 18, 2022. (Photo credit: Pam Whisenhunt)


On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, Nothing MoreSleep Token, and Cherry Bombs rolled into Omaha, Nebraska to play the Admiral Theater on In This Moment’s Blood 1983 tour. It was a night filled with theatrics and heavy music.

The Las Vegas cirque dance troupe, Cherry Bombs, was the first on the bill to electrify the audience. My first time seeing them was in 2017 when they opened up for Stone Sour in the same venue, so it was nice to see a familiar name on the bill. The acrobatics and pyrotechnics in the show are just insane to watch in a venue like The Admiral, which holds just barely 1,000 people. With the right resources, you can entertain a crowd that makes it feel like playing in an arena. Later into the night, they were brought on to help create In This Moment’s theatrics. It was a very good showing by Cherry Bombs.

Sleep Token from London was next on the bill. This was a tough nut to crack in doing my research for this quartet, as they are all masked and nameless except the lead singer, Vessel. They don’t do interviews and convey their art through music, performances, and music videos. But, this live performance made me feel closer than I could get. It was ethereal, spiritual, and cosmic. You combine the mystery behind the band along with Vessel’s incredible baritone voice with the progressiveness of the musicality with the other members, and you got yourselves a one-of-a-kind band. But, let’s not leave out those breakdowns because they were chunky as hell. Honestly, surprised by the band’s passionate following just here in town. This is only the second time they toured the states, both as support acts, but I think the time is now to do a full headlining tour. I think it could be something truly special. Be sure to check out their latest album, This Place Will Become Your Tomb.

Grammy-nominated Nothing More from San Antonio was ready to melt faces. Jonny Hawkins injured his ribs earlier this week, so he wasn’t as energetic as usual, but he was able to stand up during the entire performance and still sounded amazing, including being able to get on his effect-producing “Scorpion” a couple of times. I think it is criminal that this was their first-ever performance in Omaha (yes, I know they played Lincoln, but Omaha has a different vibe). The crowd was unbelievably warm, hearing them sing their songs. They have one of the best rhythm sections in rock right now. What more can you want from these guys? They have a new album that just came out, titled, Spirits, in which they played four songs, including the lead single of the album, “Tired of Winning”. They are diffidently one of the best live acts to currently do it. Here’s to hoping they come back to Omaha with a headlining set.

Nothing More

Sleep Token

Cherry Bombs

All images © Pam Whisenhunt

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