Lamb of God and Behemoth take over the Fox Theater Pomona – 5/12/18

Out front of the Fox Theater where Behemoth and Lamb of God took over the place. Photo credit: Maurice Nunez

I was looking forward to this show. This one was ‘Sold Out’ and when I got there that was evident as the line was around the corner and down the block. This was an off night as both bands are currently on tour with Slayer. Some good friends were present like London May (Samhain) and Josh Barnett (UFC fighter). There were so many people, at one point I heard the staff say they had to print up more tickets right then and there. The Pomona crowd was definitely ready to get this show started!

Behemoth came out roaring and started their set with “OV Fire and The Void”. Then they went right into “Demigod”. What a brutal set. They went on and played songs like “Conquer All,” “Decade OV Therion,” and ended with “O Father O Satan O Sun.”  One of my favorite bands from Poland.

Behemoth never disappoints and this was evident tonight at the Fox Theater. Behemoth definitely got the crowd going and prepped for the headliner.

It was time for Randy Blythe and Lamb of God to take the stage. I saw Randy right before they went on stage and he let me know he was exhausted from all the shows they were currently doing with Slayer.

Shows night after night. This didn’t stop them. Randy came out with a rage and got the crowd pumped. They played songs like “Omerta,” “Ruin,”

“512,” “Palaces,” and more. You could tell Randy was in a great mood. He talked to the crowd all night and they were receptive. There’s no doubt that Lamb of God will be back to Pomona.

See photos and set lists from both Lamb of God and Behemoth below.

Behemoth setlist:
OV Fire and The Void | Demigod | Conquer All | Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer | Wolves OV Siberia | Decade OV Therion | Chant For Ezkaton | O Father O Satan O Sun

Lamb of God setlist:
Omerta | Ruin | 512 | Fear Machine | Descending | Hourglass | Palaces | Walk With Me In Hell | Still Echoes | Something To Die For | Blacken | What I’ve Become | Inherit | Laid To Rest | Redneck

Maurice Nunez, Photojournalist for Go Venue Magazine [All photos by Maurice Nunez, otherwise noted].

Lamb of God