Heilung Captivates Los Angeles

Heilung, performed at the Novo in Downtown Los Angeles on January 9, 2020. Photo by Stephanie Lemus.

BY STEPHANIE LEMUS | Go Venue Magazine

Experimental folk band, Heilung, performed at the Novo in Downtown Los Angeles on January 9, 2020 in front of a packed audience. Fans in attendance were wearing similar costumes to the band, such as robes, bones and bells. Before the band went onstage, sounds of birds chirping were playing over the speakers.  Warriors came out and smudged the stage before the band came out.  The audience was quiet and taking in the ritualistic act.  The band slowly came out to join them and their unique stage presence ensued.  Their instruments include bones, drums bound in skin and horns.  Their music comes from ancient text from Germanic people and it’s usually about Norse deities. The lead singer often used Tibetan or Mongolian style of throat singing and they often speak in different languages like German, Icelandic and Viking age Old Norse.  Even though most of the audience had no idea what they were saying, people had their hands in the air and were even trying to sing along.  They’ve created a tribe amongst their fans. 

“Heilung” translates to “healing” and for most of their fans, their music provides a healing experience for them.  Their show was an event to see and it’s no wonder that they’re gaining in popularity around the world. The band is made up of German vocalist Kai Uwe Faust, Norwegian singer Maria Franz and producer Christopher Juul. They have created their own genre of music that they call “amplified history” and it’s something that everyone should experience.

All images © Stephanie Lemus
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