“Fire From The Gods” Video Review of “The Voiceless”

Video review by Marissa Anne

Fire From The Gods have released their video for “The Voiceless” off their upcoming album “Narrative Retold” produced by Jonathan Davis (Korn)  which is set to drop May 19th on the RISE label.  AJ Channer [vocals], Jameson Teat [guitar], Drew Walker [guitar], Bonner Baker [bass], and Richard Wicander [drums] from Austin,Texas make up this powerhouse.

The video begins and you are able to hear Jonathans’ hand in the music. It hits you hard when the drums kick in and AJ begins to sing. The video and the song perfectly conveys the feelings that are all too familiar in this day and age. Bad things happen and “The world keeps spinning” Addressing the fact we are saturated by the ugliness that is going on and have become somewhat desensitized to by all that the media brings into our living rooms. “I want people to feel empowered when they listen to this record,” AJ leaves off. “Come out of the experience knowing somebody thinks like you. You’re not alone.” It is difficult not feeling alone at times and sometimes we need to be reminded that we aren’t.

Check out the video and decide for yourself!


Fire From The Gods: