The Epic Texan Presents: A celebration of Rock N Roll at Acadia Bar and Grill.

The Epic Texan presents: Broken Valor, ParaBellum, Calling Chase & Kross Patrick Drums, Black Market Tragedy & Aggressive Vibe Hosted by Khris Harding. Broadcast Live from Acadia Bar and Grill on Reach Down Radio with hosts: Derek Norman and Rose Bud!

When the Reach Down Radio guys and the PunkStar Full Throttle guys team up for any reason you can be sure of a few things. 1. There will be laughs. 2. Someone will dress up in an inflatable outfit of some kind and dance around on the stage. 3. You will hear new and amazing music from Houston Bands. And most important,  you will be entertained!  

Aggressive Vibe were first and got the crowd warmed up with their incredible energy. Their sound, a nod to early 80’s metal was well received and made for an instant party. The guys Dennis McMahon – drums, JT– bass guitar, Liam Smetzer– lead Guitar, Eric Robinson– rhythm guitar and Lee Rebecek – vocals have only been together a short time, but have been working furiously over the last year recording a single called “ Party Down With Me”,  going into production on the video, then continuing to hit the stage every chance they get. JT stated “The video and single will be released soon and a release party with Reach Down Radio when the time comes.” They are busy and they are fun! You can catch them Friday July, 14th at 19th Hole in Spring, Tx.

Black Market Tragedy was up next. Vali and crew,  Anthony Jones – guitar, Joel Hayter– drums and Matt Reinhardt – bass whipped up the crowd into a frenzy with their fast paced show. Energetic and melodic with the harmony being foiled by guttural vocals that seem to come all too easily for the talented songstress. Bailey Rae was Vali’s special guest vocalist during their cover of “ My Own Summer” by  The Deftones. Currently they are in the studio recording for a new December 2017 release. Go and see them September 3rd at Scout Bar with Broken Valor and The Hunger!

Calling Chase hit the stage and proceeded to take the audience on a high paced thrill ride. Danny Dillard – guitar/vocals, Ryan Baily – drums, Geronimo Alvear – bass and Keith Johnston – lead vocals are self described as “Essentially It is a roller coaster ride of emotions and power!!” They indeed deliver it and more! For  their cover of “Spleen” by Staind they welcomed local phenom Kross Patrick Drums and Jessicka Dillard on vocals. Danny Dillard is quoted as saying “Saturday night was a first for me and all of us in Calling Chase. Without getting together to practice, 10 year old Kross jumps on stage with us, just kicked Ryan off the drums like a lil ninja, then helped us rip up a cover. Playing with Kross, that has topped any show we have played hands down!!” During the show another special guest made an appearance by T-Rex affectionately known as ‘The White El Chapo” . He danced with the band on stage and continued the party in the crowd. This was proof these guys can rock as hard as they goof off. This is a great quality! Be sure to see them Aug 11th opening for Union Underground at Scout Bar. Aug 25th at Tumbleweeds opening for Parabelle.

ParaBellum hard/alternative band were next. Kat Freeman-vocals, Dakota Rice-guitar, Manny Herrada-bass and Kevin Mason-drums were powerful and captured the audience’s attention immediately. Kat Freeman stated “ We have spent the past 2 years working on our EP, hitting several roadblocks, but we are stoked to announce we are starting to wrap up recording next week and will release our first EP “Black and Red” VERY soon, so stay tuned for our release date! Also coming up on August 20 we will be performing for the “Make America Rock Again, Tour” with a handful of other locals as well as several nationals including Trapt, Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, and more. if anyone is interested in tickets they can reach out to any member of the band or our manager Rachel Garcia for more information!”  Kat welcomed Kelly Allbright of Broken Valor to the stage to perform the debut of a song they wrote together “Under the Skin”. It is a poignant and softer side of the hard rock duo was met with much applause. Be sure to get out and see this amazing set of performers!

Which brings us to the closers Broken Valor. Kevin Mason – drums, Ryan Bailey – lead guitar, Ryan Cooper – bass and Kelly Allbright – vocals/rhythm guitar make up this hard rock band from Houston. They are self described as the “Swiss army knife of rock music in an industry full of labels.” The diversity in their sound along with their spirited and dynamic performance make them an automatic favorite with crowds! A brand new, yet familiar sound seizes your attention. They have a new CD release called “Rebirth” available now. Catch them along with Black Market Tragedy and The Hunger at Scout Bar September 3rd.











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