CONCERT REVIEW: Hed PE at The Machine Shop in Flint, MI on 28-Sept-2018

Frontman Jahred of Hed PE hangouts with the fans at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on Friday, September 28, 2018. Photo credit: Mike Shaler.

Hed PE performed another stellar sold-out show at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on September 28th 2018.  Being their only show this year at The Machine Shop since Hed PE has been touring overseas more this year, made for a much sought-after night of live music as Blue Felix was brought along on the tour.

 Opening the night was Drat, a group consisting of local Flint musicians who definitely display their influences like The Stooges with their in your face high energy vocals and mix of hard rock and punk rock that had the crowd revved up.

 The venue was pumped when Blue Felix hit the stage.  This band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota has built a strong following with their high energy pulse pounding music.  With a fashion style akin to a post-apocalyptic world, Blue Felix is raw, gritty and ready to blow up the world. And that’s what makes them so fun.  Led by lead singer Jake “Toxsick” Crooks, Blue Felix soars through intense vocals and annihilates the sound waves with crushing guitar work from Xhail and A$E, with sampling by Spydr and beats delivered by E-Rock on drums.  With a brand-new album, ‘Battling Gravity’, released on the day of this show, Blue Felix is fueled with fresh tunes and stopping at nothing as they continue to tour and obliterate audiences wherever they go, no doubt gaining more fans in their wake.  It’s always a good time seeing Blue Felix.

 You want heavy metal, you want hip hop, you want reggae, you want hard rock, you want punk, then you’ll get all that and more with Hed PE.  One of the most musically versatile bands out there today, Hed PE delivers top notch music.  Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, lead singer Jahred Gomes champions the way by speaking out against government and their corrupt ways or the perversion of religion, a proud atheist, Jahred speaks for those down and out and brings messages of uplifting hope.  It just so happens the band is also very into dope and play some kick ass music. 

 The ever-smiling Jeremiah Stratton, aka Trauma, is like a big kid behind the drum kit. His facial expressions are intense.  With the master of funk on bass guitar, Kurt Blankenship, aka Kid Bass and new on guitar this year is D. J. Blackard who can shred like a mad man.  Hed PE is an act to see and you’ll understand why they sell out every time they play The Machine Shop.

 It was simply a great night of live music.

Hed PE

Blue Felix



All images © Mike Shaler.

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