Mac Sabbath Bring Drive-thru Metal to The Echoplex – 1/18/20

Mac Sabbath performs at The Echoplex in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, January 18, 2020. Photo credit: Maurice Nunez.

BY MAURICE NUNEZ | Go Venue Magazine

Tonight was the return of the infamous bunch who are known for their crazy fast food antics, Mac Sabbath. They are a parody of the mighty Black Sabbath, but they have their own unique style. Mac Sabbath sound just like Black Sabbath, but they add their own fast food metal lyrics to the songs. You would think they are trying to promote fast food, but in fact they are here to warn you of the dangers of it!

This zany bunch is comprised of Ronald Osbourne on vocals, Slayer MacCheeze on guitar, Grimalice on bass, and the Catburgler on drums. Tonight they got started with “Organic Funeral.” The crowd immediately started throwing their devil horns in the air and were saluting what seemed like their new crazed leader, Ronald Osbourne. Ronald sounds and acts just like Ozzy Osbourne, but he looks like an insane version of Ronald McDonald. He made is way onto the stage in a straight jacket which he eventually escapes from.

The band and crowd were in great spirits tonight. Ronald was making the fans laugh and cheer as he stated that they were “the inventors of drive-thru metal.”  They went on to play fan favorites like “Sweet Beef,” “The Lizard,” “GMO Blind,” “Chicken for The Slaves,” and “Frying Pan.” Not only are these guys influenced by Sabbath, but they also play their own versions of KISS, Circle Jerks, Motörhead, and Black Flag songs. At one point the Catburgler left his drum kit to sing up front with his version of the KISS song “Beth.” Peter Criss would have been proud. They concluded their night with “Pair a Buns.” The perfect way to end such an eventful evening. Couldn’t have asked for a better show from Ronald and crew!

If these guys make it your way, it’s a must see. Check out photos and set-list below.

Organic Funeral | Sweet Beef | The Lizard | Grill My Pet – (Motorhead) | GMO Blind | In Dreams – (Roy Orbison) | Bread (Kiss) | Love Bun (Kiss) | Into the Void/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Megalomania – instrumental | Chicken for the Slaves | Frying Pan | Basted – (Circle Jerks) | Nervous Breakdown – (Black Flag) | Pair a Buns

All images © Maurice Nunez
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