Internet Sensation Brings the Party to the Sold-out Royal Oak Music Theatre

An American electronic musician, Marc Rebillet is surrounded by fans at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan on Thursday, September 9, 2021. (Photo credit: Mike Shaler)

Marc Rebillet rolled through Royal Oak, Michigan with a stop on his Third Dose Tour.  Opening the show was Detroit rapper Curtis Too Trill who gave a spirited performance as he spit out the lyrical rhymes like poetry. 

With a packed house, many of whom were wearing robes because Marc is often wearing one in his YouTube videos, made it look like one big pajama party.  My first introduction to Marc Rebillet was over a year ago seeing a short video clip on my Facebook feed, I was so impressed and laughed my ass off so much, I couldn’t help but share to several of my friends.  I searched for Marc on YouTube and found the full length performances of his songs and was hooked.

Marc Rebillet also known as Loop Daddy, is a dude from Dallas, Texas now living in New York City, New York, who has a gift of making songs on the spot.  Armed with his looping machine, piano and microphone, Marc is a one-man band that can’t be stopped.  Running out on stage for his entrance as the crowd showers him with applause and cheers, Marc begins to ask, “What do you want?”

Marc steps offstage and onto the barrier to speak to fans at the front of the crowd and ask what they want. One lady said it was her birthday and that she’s a bad bitch. Marc moves over to another fan and asks, “What do you want?” The gentleman replies, “I want loops!”  To which Marc leaps back up on stage and behind his table to get to work and breaks into a song about being a bad bitch. 

If you don’t know, Marc Rebillet’s shows are all improvised, everything is original as you are truly in for a unique experience. Shortly after getting into the first song, Marc invited several women in the crowd to get on stage and the party begins as the music and dancing takes over the night. After the first song ended one lady lingered on stage to tell Marc that she wishes her boyfriend was still alive to be here and that Marc’s music got them through quarantine last year. Marc responded saying, “he’s looking over us right now”.  As he hugged and comforted her before letting her back into the crowd. 

Marc invited others onstage throughout the night, one lady had her cell phone with text saying, Huge Pussy Here.  So naturally seeing that in the crowd, Marc called her up to riff another original banger of a song while she and another lady twerked on the couch.  By this time I hope you’ve figured out that Marc’s lyrics are sexually driven and is not for the faint of heart.

As a special treat, Marc did dedicate some time to perform some of his hit songs that have made him famous, most notably in my book were “I’m A Flamingo” and “Girls Club”.  

A dash of soul, a sprinkle of comedy and a pinch of pure delight, Marc Rebillet is one guy that embodies what the live concert experience should be like.  I was beyond ecstatic to have witnessed Marc live before my eyes.  The Third Dose tour runs through to Halloween, and a great time awaits all who attend.

Marc Rebillet

Curtis Too Trill

All images © Mike Shaler
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