CONCERT REVIEW: EVERCLEAR At Ace of Spades in Sacramento, June 27, 2018

Everclear at Ace of Spades in Sacremento, CA on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. Photograph by Kris Comer.

Local H-

They have a hard hitting alternative rock sound. They make you feel like you’re in high school again at a Friday night house party with an awesome local band. They rock all night long which might be just a little too much if you aren’t in the mood. Their energy is one step away from a mosh pit in all of it’s frantic, sweaty glory. I’d expect to see this band at warped tour in a hot summer venue, with young people fist pumping their youth into the sky.


Marcy Playground-

They are are a clear and articulate band with a playful fun stage presences. The song “Rock and Roll Heroes” was sung great while amping up the audience. Twenty years later this band continues to illustrate their showmanship while being overwhelmingly entertaining and fantastic musicians. Lyrically their music is fun while still having depth as illustrated with their hit song “Sexy & Candy.” As a testament to their talent the lead singer, John Wozniak, was able to perform with no backup while they were dealing with technical difficulties. He sang their version of “Bid You Goodnight” originally sung by the Grateful dead 1969 through that sound issue. This showed his testament to being a great performer.



Seeing Everclear at Ace of Spades in Sacramento on June 27th was a night to feel like a teenager again with my big sister rocking out by my side. I’ve wanted to see them perform for over 20 years, and it made it even better as they performed on what would of been my 3rd year wedding anniversary. It was a chance to make new memories with a band I have loved almost half of my life. My sister and I made a bet on which song they would open with. She guessed “Santa Monica,” and I said “Afterglow.” I’m pleased to say that “Afterglow,” a personal favorite opened the show. It started off with so much enthusiasm and never faltered.

The venue is a close encounter with fellow concert goers; it’s intimate to say the least. You can get close to the stage but unfortunately, the range of motion is limited. Throughout the night, there seemed to be consistent issues with technical difficulties which was an unfortunate detractor to the amazing music being played. The sound problems weren’t the only issue unfortunately. The lighting was distracting and did not showcase the band in the best way possible. Everclear continued to play through it all as true professionals do. Even through those issue the band rocked hard and made the night memorable.

Everclear is very active on stage while still being, inviting and engaging. The way they moved on stage, you’d never guess they were a band that has been around for as long as they have been. It was a pleasure to see a band I have long admired on stag for the first time. They overcame obstacles and handled themselves in a way that was impressive. It was an inspiration on the way to handle tough situations and make the best of it. Their artistry and commitment to their craft shown through as they finish out their set.


Review written by Kim Comer
Photographs by Kris Comer