An Evening at The Continental Club.

Photos and Review by Marissa Anne

Photo by Marissa Anne

Hilary York, Alien Knife Fight and Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit took over the stage at Houston’s The Continental Club. Three different bands, three different styles of music made sure to keep everyone entertained!

Hilary York  singer and songwriter from Austin, Texas began the evening with “I don’t want to go, Holmes”.  Watching Kullen Fox playing the electric piano and the trumpet at the same time was impressive and delighted the room. Colin Swielek gave a solid performance as well as Charles Peters who commanded attention with his guitar and Snit Fitzpatrick on drums who filled in perfectly for Hilary when someone was needed. The whole performance was heartfelt, bluesy and filled with terrific harmonies that engaged the audience.  Hilary stated “I’m recording all new songs early this summer (2017).”  She has two releases “In The Dark” LP released August 18th 2009 and “The Moon”  LP released January 2006

This warmed the audience for Alien Knife Fight from Creedmoor,Texas.  Monique Ortiz and Michael Howard make up this powerful duo.  Monique Ortiz has been performing in duos for over 25 years mainly out of necessity.  She said “I just couldn’t find that third instrument that was the right fit, so rather than be hindered by that, I try to fill out the sound in other ways.”  Monique plays with a 2 string slide bass and Michael on drums. There is nothing lacking when you hear this band. You are immediately taken in by the strangely full sound. Monique was powerful and evocative as she sang from off their 2017 Ep release ‘Some Girls”.  Moniques’ playing was a sight to behold a  glass slide on her finger as they flew up and down the next with breakneck speed. They played fast and they played hard and left you wanting more.

Sam Pace and The Gilded Grit were up next and when they took the stage they proceeded to give the audience an electrifying example of how perfect a low down, dirty, southern Texas blues band can be. “Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit made their first splash at the Austin Music Awards. Awarded three Top-10 finishes including: Best Song (8th) for “Ice Cream Samurai”, Best Live Band (10th) in Blues/Soul/Funk, and Best Album Art (2nd) for RAPTURE.”    This band had your attention from the first note and kept you dancing the rest of the show. These guys are serious musicians but, they were described by one excited fan as “The most fun you can have with your clothes on!”  They closed out the evening with a Howling Wolf cover that brought the house down. Be sure to pick up “Rapture” their 2014 release!

This was one truly amazing night of music and a celebration of the diversity of music represented by Texas musicians!