Judas Priest – Firepower 2018 with Black Star Riders and Saxon, April 29th at Smart Financial Centre in Sugarland, Texas

Judas Priest at Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land (Houston), TX. Photo credit: James Simons

Tonight’s show is being held at Smart Financial Centre in Sugarland, Texas. This facility is clean, modern, accommodating and there are no bad seats. The sound is clear and loud, but not deafening. This is a great venue for concerts.

Black Star Riders opened the night with a visceral rock and roll performance as serious as a bare knuckle street fight.

All Hell Breaks Loose | Jailbreak | Heavy Fire | Soldier’s Town | The Killer Instinct | Before The War | When the Night Comes In | Kingdom of the Lost | Bound for Glory

Saxon was next with a solid metal set.

Thunderbolt | Power and the Glory | The Secret of Flight | Motorcycle Man | Nosferatu *The Vampire’s Waltz | Dallas 1 PM | They Played Rock and Roll | Princess of the Night | Wheels of Steel | Denim and Leather | This Town Rocks | Heavy Metal Thunder

Judas Priest then appeared on the stage after a dramatic back-lit curtain drop. Rob Halford’s performance this night is nothing short of incredible. The stage visuals and lights are worth the price of admission alone. To say this was a spectacle is selling it short. Halford’s continuing costume changes were entertaining. The set spanned over 40 years of Judas Priest’s discography, there are songs in this wide selection that will entertain each generation of Priest fan. My personal favorites this night were The Ripper, Hellbent for Leather, Painkiller and The Hellion/Electric Eye.

Glen Tipton appeared and the crowd greeted him with a long emotionally rousing ovation.

*War Pigs intro | *Guardians | Firepower | Running Wild | Grinder | Sinner | The Ripper | Lightning Strike | Bloodstone | Saints in Hell | Turbo Lover | Freewheel Burning | Evil Never Dies | Some Heads Are Gonna Roll | You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ | *The Hellion | Electric Eye | Hellbent For Leather | Painkiller
[Encore with Glen Tipton]
Metal Gods | Breaking The Law | Living After Midnight
* Tape being played

To quote Rob Halford during the show, “We are Judas Fucking Priest”. If you have even the slightest chance at seeing this tour, at any price, it would be foolish to not go.

– James Simons, Photojournalist for Go Venue Magazine

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