Album Review: Black Smoke Rising EP By Greta Van Fleet

Gloria Skulls

L to R: Danny Wagner, Sam Kiszka, Jake Kiszka and Josh Kiszka. Photo courtesy of Greta Van Fleet and Ford Fairchild

Who is Greta Van Fleet? And Where did they come from?

Black Smoke Rising EP

You might have heard of them or I might be the first to tell you of them. Greta Van Fleet is an American hard rock band formed in 2012 from Frankenmuth Michigan US. The band members are Josh Kiszka, Jake Kiszka, Sam Kiszka and Danny Wagner. Seems like these young men where digging through their parents record collection. The sound the bring is comparable to the legendary Led Zeppelin and vibe they set reminds me of The Beatles. When I first sat down and opened the file to The Highway Tune, I kid you not I got instant chills. Josh’s Kiszka vocals are so powerful he blew me away back into the classic rock era. His voice resembles Robert Plants voice and its a warm and familiar feeling that brings joy to my soul and gives me hope for rock n’ roll to stay alive. The instrumental is adequately clean and crisp, no fancy drum rolls or guitar solos, instead we get a charismatic lead singer with an amazing control of vocals accompanied by an organic, earthy guitar sound and a bass players with a sense of space and creativity and lets not forget the drummer with a good balance of attack. The Highway Tune is a song that you feel throughout out your body, it makes you move, it gives you a sense of need for speed, perhaps that is why the name is The Highway Tune. The Safari Song is like an invitation to the world of Greta Van Fleet with lyrics that say ” Oh lady won’t you come on down, won’t you come on down I said to my town” its inviting and a entertaining tune. Flower Power is a much calmer song, you can hear that these young men know how to be harmonious in a higher degree. Black Smoke Rising is the last song on their 4 song EP. This song is bit more heavy on the guitar a bit more sharp. Josh shows off his vocal range which I did not mind one bit, it was very enjoyable and kept me longing for more. I truly can’t wait to catch Greta Van Fleet live and I can only imagine what they have planned for the future in their musical careers. I’m sure older and younger generations will enjoy the music of Greta Van Fleet.

– Gloria Skulls

Black Smoke Rising EP Tracklist:
1. Highway Tune
2. Safari Song
3. Flower Power
4. Black Smoke Rising

Band Members are:
Josh Kiszka- vocals
Jake Kiszka- guitar
Sam Kiszka- bass and keys
Danny Wagner- drums

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