A Rock and Roll Legend Rises in Flint

Tom Keifer and his band performs at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

BY MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

Tuesday October 15th 2019 is a day I’ve been waiting for ever since I found out who was going to be performing that night at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan.  I couldn’t believe the Tom Keifer Band was putting on a show near me.  Having been a Cinderella fan since the 80’s and seeing Tom continue to rock on as a solo act with his current band, I was ecstatic about this concert, to say the least.

Kicking off the show was Spiral Crush, a Michigan band of three dudes, Shaun Smail on vocals and guitar, Scott Smail on drums and vocals and Jimi McCammon on bass and vocals.  These guys busted out some heavy hard-hitting riffs that had the crowd rocking.

The venue was packed with eagerly waiting fans ready to rock out with one of the best, as Tom Keifer made his way out on the stage, the crowd roared with cheers and applause showing their love.  Based on the performance of the entire band, that love was given right back to the crowd.  Starting the set off with a new song, “Touching The Divine”, off the recently released album ‘Rise’, the album is great by the way, any fan of rock and roll will get addicted to the new tunes off this album and luckily a couple more tracks off the new album made it onto the set list, “Rise” and “The Death Of Me”.

The classic songs are what really got the audience involved and the goosebumps popping.  Towing a slew of hits like “Coming Home”“Save Me”“Nobody’s Fool”“Shake Me”“Shelter Me” and “Gypsy Road” amongst others, the was no shortage of fun.

Tom surrounds himself with great talent, Tony Higbee on guitar and vocals, Billy Mercer on bass guitar and vocals, Jarred Pope on drums and vocals, Kory Myers on keyboards and vocals, Kendra Chantelle on vocals and percussion and Tom’s wife, Savannah Keifer on vocals, percussion and piano.  Tom Keifer himself is not only a great singer but also wails on the guitar and croons on the piano.

Witnessing Tom Keifer and his band in concert is something all rock fans should experience.  A venue full of fans for an awesome band led by a legend, Tom Keifer sings his heart out to give the audience what they came for.  The crowd’s energy was off the hook and Tom paused to acknowledge the emotion.  I for one thoroughly enjoyed this night and will not forget the good times the Tom Keifer Band brought to us.

Tom Keifer Band

Spiral Crush

All images © Mike Shaler
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