The Hu Storm The Bourbon As They Continue Their Black Thunder Tour

A Mongolian folk rock and heavy metal band, The Hu performing at Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. (Photo credit: Matt Casey)


The Undead Empire (The Hu fanbase) lined up around the block in hopes of getting a good spot in the jam packed Bourbon Theater.  I was just as eager, but thanks to media credentials I didn’t need to worry about a spot as I would be in the photo pit. Little did I know that a very disappointing issue would occur….more on that later.

The Haunt was the evening’s opener. They pretty much were able to play to a standing room only crowd, as almost everyone came early. The Haunt is an extremely energetic band.  Consistently moving about the stage with tons of interaction among themselves and the fans. Some might call them alt-pop, but I’m here to tell you they are a Rock-n-Roll band. They are a sibling fronted band from Florida, whose members are Anastasia Haunt (lead singer), Maxamillion Haunt (guitarist), Nick Lewert (drummer), and bassist Nat Smallish. Quick shout-out to Nat…so nice to see a bass player move around the way she did. If you’re not familiar with these guys, add them to your radar. 

In the meantime, check out their recently released video “I’m  Not Yours”, see below:

The Haunt left the crowd even more frantic than they were before. The words started from the back and very quickly everyone was chanting, Hu.Hu.Hu!!!

They entered onto a darkened stage and when the lights did go up the band just exploded. Incredible visuals, and there I was snapping away, trying to get as many photos as possible.  Then, the disappointing moment I mentioned earlier.  My camera failed. I desperately tried to fix it.  New batteries, different lenses and yes I tried turning it off and on again. No luck. I left the photo pit bummed, but then as I was walking through the crowd, I turned back and saw The Hu just kicking some ass. I watched from the back and totally forgot about my camera issues. This band was really trying to tear down the building. The war cries, the traditional instruments and the throat singing was mesmerizing. Just an incredible show full of incredible musicians/talent. They are more than a rock band, they are also performers. They are a must-see live band. Find a way and get it done.

Big thank you to Matt Casey for providing photos for this review…….stupid camera!

The Hu

The Haunt

All images © Matt Casey
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