Sturgis Day 2, August 9, 2021

JESS BECK | Go Venue Magazine

Sturgis is a strange place. The day following the Kid Rock performance was akin to a ghost town in Buffalo Chip. I was impressed that the staff and grounds crew were able to recover from all the carnage from the night before, as you can imagine, 70,000 drunk humans can leave quite the mess behind.

We started our day with some tacos from one of the vendors there and continued to photograph some of the more interesting humans that we found as they began to trickle back in for another night of shows. And while we didn’t get press credentials for either Night Ranger or Stone Temple Pilots (even though we have press passes, so that’s really strange) we were still able to make the most of the day with some photos of some interesting and wonderful humans who agreed to have their portraits taken throughout the day.

Before the shows start, there is a stunt bike rider from BMW who not only showcases his talents on a small bike, but also takes out a regular, 700lb cruiser to do stunts on as well. The announcer for the event said, “For everyone who says, ‘Oh, if only I had a bike like that, I could do those stunts!” well this guy can do it all in a regular cruiser too!” The stunt rider did a number of burnouts, handstands, side-walks, and other tricks throughout the short performance.

In between the concerts on the main stage, they have the Miss Buffalo Chip contest, so there’s something to do (and look at) when the bands are tearing down and setting up. The winner receives a $500 prize, and the outfits have been interesting to say the least. With measurements ranging from, “Blessed with what God gave me,” to “Curvy in all the right places,” there is at least one Miss Buffalo Chip contestant that is sure to be a crowd favorite for everyone.

Below is a gallery from some of the people and things we’ve gotten to see so far here at Buffalo Chip on Day 2 of the Sturgis Rally.

All images © Jess Beck
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