Stripwired Releases ‘Another Shot’ Album in Mid-January

Dallas’ hard rock band Stripwired is the brain child of Michael Mroz and Darren Caperna and has evolved from their 19 year old AC/DC Tribute band Back in Black. Singer Darren Caperna auditioned for AC/DC in March of 2016, when Brian Johnson had to leave due to hearing problems, and Mroz was introduced to Angus Young. After the audition, the pair were once again inspired to write new original material. The album, ‘Another Shot’, slated to be released mid January 2019, will be available digitally online, on CD, and vinyl (see below).

The band has been revitalized by the strength of their current line-up, featuring Ken Schiumo (Drums), Sheldon Conrad (Bass), and Ramiro Noriega (Guitar).

Watch and listen their videos below:

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Another Shot

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‘Another Shot’ CD and vinyl can be purchased HERE.

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