Sleater-Kinney Seduced the Crowd with their Riot Grrrl Music!

Punk rock band Sleater-Kinney performing at The Fox Theater in Oakland, California on Sunday, November 17, 2019. Photo credit: Kris Comer.

BY KRIS COMER | Go Venue Magazine

The Fox Theater in Oakland on November 17th was filled with mid 90’s music like thick fog. KAINA a band from Chicago opened for Sleater-Kinney playing a jazz sort of sound that I would not have expected to start off the night. The lead singer Kaina Castillo has a great voice and lyrically blew me away. One of my favorite songs of their set was sung by their keyboard and saxophone player Sen Morimoto called “Cannonball”.

As Sleater-Kinney commanded the stage I had chills as this was my first show of theirs. The essence of their music takes me back to the mid 90’s and high school which is a great nostalgic feeling for me. The band formed back in 94 in the greatest area for indie rock and riot grrrl sound which was Olympia, Washington. Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein started the band and they have gone through several drummers and recently lost Janet Weiss. Angie Boylan took over the sticks. The band empowers women everywhere with their feminist lyrics, they tell it like it is and don’t give a fuck if it offends. Everyone in the crowd was dancing and singing like it was the last night on earth. I had the pleasure of photographing for 3 songs and my camera could not keep up with me.  I felt so lucky to even be near these rock godesses! The band has a new album out called The Center Won’t Hold and I have already listened over and over. It’s new but still has the same old sound and will blow you away once again. This band can do no wrong! See them live and you will be changed forever!



All images © Kris Comer
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