RECAP & PHOTOS: Slayer Bids Farewell to Kansas City

Slayer live performing at the Providence Medical Center Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, KS (Kansas City area) on Friday, May 17, 2019. Photo by Robert A Chadwick


On May 17th 2019 Kansas City for the last time got to experience one of the most iconic metal bands of all time.  Deemed one of the Big Four, Slayer has laid waste to the very stage they have walked across since 1981. The Gods of Metal were kind to Kansas City on what was one of the best few hours of weather we have had in some time.  If it had not been raining its ass off, it was prepping s for the summer heat to come.  But not during these hours of mayhem.  Cool breezes and just enough cloud cover to knock back the sun but not take it completely away made the outdoor Providence Medical Center Amphitheater the perfect setting for this epic evening.

Opening the night, Cannibal Corpse took the stage, unfortunately myself and many others were still stuck in traffic heading to the venue for the 6:00pm start time. Therefore. We apologize, but we were unable to see that set.

So….opening up the night for myself and many others were the Vikings from Sweden, Amon Amarth.  It’s no wonder we had such great weather, we had the Guardians of Asgaard’s ship breaching the stage.  For those of you that have not seen Amon Amarth, yes, they have half a Viking ship on stage, which immediately sets the tone for their set.  Front man Johan Hegg looks right where he belongs on the helm, belting out tales of Viking lore and drinking from the horn he keeps at the ready by his side.  Amon Amarth not only delivers the chaotic thunder that comes along with metal that we are all so used to, they also bring a melodic grove that gets you moving your head in not just a thrashing manner. 

Taking the stage next were Lamb of God.  LoG has risen over the years to be one of the premier metal band of this era.  The brought to the stage a setup of stairs that really allowed the band to move around and be a spring board for the high-flying Randy Blythe.  We all know that Randy Blythe loves to try and set new vertical records every time he takes to the stage, and this night was no different. Lamb of God have such a commanding stage presence.  They dare you not to watch them, scratch that, they straight up say, hey you, what the fuck are you doing we are on stage, and you will watch us, without ever saying a word. 

The time has come, and it is now.  All good things must come to an end.  For the last time, Slayer opened up the gates of hell under Providence Medical Center Amphitheater in Kansas City, Kansas.  There are fans of bands, and then there are fans of Slayer.  I saw more Slayer full back pieces and head tattoos then I have ever seen.  Screams of “SLAYER” radiated across the amphitheater even when they were not on stage. However, when they did hit the stage, you could tell the emotions were flying high.  For some this was the first time, but for most it would be the last time they would get to see the Metal Icons on stage.  Opening the night with “Repentless” set the tone for a set that span decades of destruction.  The night played out like a greatest hits album, except it was punching directly in the face.   One of the things that Slayer always seems to do well and that was the case on this night, they can take some simple lighting, backdrop changes and some fire and make it into one of the biggest productions you have ever seen.  There is no way fans could have left feeling like they were missing anything, “Dead Skin Mask”, “Raining Blood”, “Mandatory Suicide” and every other song that you would want to hear was played.  Like I said, the fans maybe left wanting, but they got what they came for.  It may be the end for Slayer when it comes to hitting the road, but the legacy that is Slayer will live on forever.


Lamb of God

Amon Amarth

Cannibal Corpse

All photos by © Robert Chadwick Photography
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