Single Review: Through Fire – Where You Lie

Review by David Taylor

Promo Photo: Through Fire

Where You Lie is Through Fire’s third single off their debut album, Breathe. The song’s lyrics are about the narrator being disappointed about their significant other because they did something wrong, basically telling them to get out of their life. The narrator is saying to never come back, using “keeping digging your grave” as a metaphor as the more they want to come back to the narrator, it just keeps on getting worse and worse, as the narrator is fine without them. Music wise, it has a very catchy chorus to the sound, putting emphasis on the word “lie”. It has a heavy bridge to the song, with a very shreddy guitar solo from Justin McCain.

I would highly encourage to call your local active rock radio station and request this song, as this will help you get through your morning commute, work day, and/or rush hour. Check out Breathe, as well, and Through Fire on tour in a city near you because these guys do not disappoint.

-David Taylor

[Where You Lie – Through Fire by Sumerian Records]

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