Clutch, Sevendust at House of Blues, Houston, TX

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown as opener of the evening

Clutch's frontman Neil Fallon @ the House of Blues in Houston, Texas on Friday, September 21, 2018. Photo credit: James Simons

Clutch is touring behind “Book of Bad Decisions”, their 12th full length release. What a release, with 15 songs on the CD, there is something for every Clutch fan to like. Being in a smaller venue, like Houston’s House of Blues, was a more intimate setting for this show, instead of a large festival, or even a larger venue. This setting helped with the overall feeling of being a part of something special. As if Clutch was playing just for you. I can’t fully explain just how musically tight Clutch actually is. If you could rub it, it would squeak. The sound was clear and tight, but not too loud, but that really didn’t matter when the crowd was singing along louder than the PA could put out.

The highlights of the night were “In Walks Barbarella”, “A Quick Death in Texas”, “Spacegrass”, “Electric Worry” and “Mob Goes Wild” all of which had the crowd going and singing along.

Pre-ordered tickets purchased for this tour will include a physical copy of “Book of Bad Decisions” on CD. Offer valid to U.S. residents, exempt are festivals, Canadian dates and non-headlining shows.

Clutch Set List – September 21, 2018
Gimme the Keys | Vision Quest | Firebirds | Escape from Prison Planet | El Jefe Speaks | How to Shake Hands | In Walks Barbarella | A Quick Death in Texas | Earth Rocker | Spacegrass | Elephant Riders | Ghouls Wrangler | A Good Fire | Electric Worry | X-Ray Visions
Mob Goes Wild | DC Sound Attack

Sevendust put in a powerful set that brought it all in and had the crowd going. During “Unforgiven” a small pit opened up and there were a few attempted crowd surfers until security shut that down, but that did not dampen the show in the least. This band has families of fans. It was something to see 10 year old kids equally enjoying the show with their parents.

Sevendust Set List
Pieces | Face to Face | Denial | Unforgiven | Waffle | Too Close To Hate | Bitch | Thank You

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown opened the night with a southern-flavored blues rock set.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown Set List:
Weak & Weepin’ | Criminal Imagination | House of Fire | Downtown Tonight | Don’t Mind the Blood | Mojo Workin’ | Lipstick Wonder Woman



Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown


All images © James Simons

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