Scout Bar presents Doyle and Davey Suicide

Photos and Review by Marissa Anne

It was a night of romance and love songs at Scout Bar with the arrival of Doyle and Davey Suicide. Davey Suicide out promoting the latest LP “Made From Fire” that debuted on March 24th of this year and Doyle on the ‘Abominate The World” tour with his new album “As We Die” released June 2nd.

Bottom Of The Food Chain, a three piece hispanic punk, ska,reggae band from Houston started off the evening with a bang. Danny Herrera bass and vocals. Chris Farias on drums and Jason Martinez vocals and guitar. Playful, skilled, and upbeat this band is a real treat to watch. They brought what seemed to be their  own personal cheerleader known as “Gilbert” along with them to incite the crowd and offering isolated vocals to their closing song “Fucking Slave”  during their all too short set. Bringing their crowd specialist with them does not in anyway feels contrived or artificial. It enhanced an already entertaining and powerful performance. July first they will be at Warehouse Live with “Dead To The World” and “Feels Like Murder”. They will be releasing their first album called “Pixels Album”  later this year.

Wulfskol a death metal, punk hybrid band also from Houston were up next . Zike on electric guitar, Hector on drums, Shane on bass and David vocals. They were full throttle from the moment they took the stage. Electrifying and engaging they brought brute force with them and clobbered the audience with their set. Promoting their February release of “HellShock” and upcoming video release for “I Am The Devil’s Blood” due out sometime this month. David stated “We are writing new material at the moment that will eventually make up our new release “Phantom der Nacht.”

Davey Suicide took the stage to screams and applause. Hailing from UnHolywood, Killafornia they are well known for their brand of industrial rock n roll. The band is made up of Davey on vocals, Niko Gemini on guitar, Drayven Davidson on drums and Derek Obscura on bass.  Suicide is quoted as saying “Rock fans haven’t gone anywhere. They need a reason to fall in love again and here we are.” They did not disappoint! Theatrical, glamorous and enchanting they were every bit vaudevillian in their presentation with their makeup and Daveys’ costuming. Proudly singing their newest single “Too Many Freaks” had the crowd in a frenzy and taking the time to dedicate “Dirty Rotten Filthy Rich” to an enthusiastic and “Crazy” lady in the crowd made this set one to remember!

Then, it was  time for Love Fest to begin. Doyle and his crew of merry makers,  Alex “The Wolfman” Story of Cancerslug, Brandon Strate on bass and Wade Murff on drums made their way to the stage. Alex introduced the next song as “Sorta like a love song. You can dance to it if you wanna.” The pit heard him loud and clear and they moshed in a large swirling mass. They played songs from off “Abominator”  and off their newest release “As We Die” each one introduced as “Sorta a love song” which after a few intros made it funny. “Run For Your Life” was met with enthusiastic screams. “Kiss Me As We Die” and” “Graveyardsexxxx” had everyone in a frenzy.  Alex is an amazing vocalist who leaves everything he has on the floor of the stage. He is an electric and passionate personality. Doyle on his trademark guitar “The Annihilator” punching his strings as he played was impressive. Doyle interacting with the crowd smiling and throwing out picks after each song to the wanton hordes.  Brandon Strate giving a solid performance on bass. Wade Murff on drums who was brought in during the tour and filled in for Brandon “The Crusher” Pertzborn (of Black Flag) gave the impression that he had always been playing drums with Doyle. This was one hell of a line up!  Catch them in Santa Ana at Malone’s on June 18th and again June 19th at Beauty Bar in Las Vegas.


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