LIVE REVIEW: The Lords of Acid @ Scout Bar – 3/22/2019

Lords of Acid at Scout Bar in Houston, Texas on Friday, March 22, 2019. Photo credit: Mars Simons.


The Lords of Acid, billed as the Pretty in Kink Tour, with special guests Orgy, The Genitorturers, Little Missy Nasty, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse made its stop at Scout Bar on Friday, March 22, 2019. Sex, booze, blow up dolls, devils on stilts, lovely dancing girls and amazing music were on the menu provided by the Lords of Acid out promoting their latest release “Pretty in Kink”.

Gabriel and The Apocalypse began the night. Commanding the attention of the audience immediately with their industrial metal sound. Lindy Gabriel, a powerhouse vocalist along with the talented and demented Apocalypse: Jake LaCore – guitar, Figgles McGee – keys & samples, Zach Williams – drums and Joey Connelly – guitar, gave impressive high energy all out performances that ignited the crowd. Check out their album “The Ghost Parade” (Pavement Entertainment).

If Gabriel and the gang ignited the crowd, Little Miss Nasty came along and poured gasoline all over it. The dance troupe of skilled dancers captivated and charmed their way across the stage. Engaging, well-thought-out choreography along with the costumes highlighted just how athletic and talented these ladies are!

The Genitorturers made their way to the stage. Gen – vocals, Eric Griffin – guitar, Kriz DK– drums and Ryan Seelbach on bass. This seminal industrial band has been out and pushing the boundaries of music and performance art for almost as long as Praga Khan. Known for their wild and over the top sexual stage antics and compelling style. They launched an all-out visual and auditory assault on the audience. Fiber optic whips, sequined gimp masks, the aforementioned lady devil on stilts, Gen sharing her whiskey, and it all came together to not just entertain but, to include you. For all the theatrics and the props, the underlying message of pure empowerment rang through loud and clear. Do you have kinks? We accept you. You don’t? That’s cool too.”

This was the perfect setup for the detour that Orgy took us on. Jay Gordon – vocals, Carlton Bost-guitars, Creighton Emrick – guitars, Nic Speck – bass and Marton Veress – drums.  Energetic and fun clearly enjoying their fans as they sang along. Jay taking a walk in the crowd for help singing “Blue Monday” giving the audience a chance to get up close and personal. Their excitement was clear.

It was time. PRAISE THE LORDS! The Lords of Acid came out to raucous applause.  Praga Khan – Vocals, Synth, Marieke Bresseleers – Vocals; Sin Quirin– guitar, Galen Waling – drums and Dietrich Thrall– bass. Launching straight into “Sex Bomb” Marieke giving everyone a taste of her vocal abilities during passionate performances of new releases “Sex Cam Girl” and “Break Me” was especially evocative. Praga looked happy as he kept smiling and laughing during the set. He was enjoying it immensely.  Marieke began bringing all the ladies on stage for a dance of feminine empowerment during “Pussy”. Then reminding us all where it began with “I Sit on Acid”Sin Quirin joining the Lords once again on the road gave an enigmatic and high-intensity performance only to be matched by Dietrich on that fat sounding bass. Galen living up to his title as “skin beater” looked positively exhausted by the end of the roughly 90-minute set. The blow-up dolls being punted about like beach balls added to the carnival-like atmosphere. Ending the night with “The Crablouse” they ended this song with as much energy and intensity as the first one they played. They are one act you should RUN not walk to see.

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