“Doyle II: As We Die” Album Review


Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein former guitarist of The Misfits and his crew are back with their second release. The follow up to Abominator with “Doyle II: As We Die” on the EMP/Monsterman label.  This album can be described as being a whirlwind rock n’ roll horror show. Alex Story vocalist of Cancerslug, bassist Brandon Strate and drummer Brandon Pertzborn round out the lineup on the album.
This is 13 tracks of crushing riffs and ferocious vocals. It immediately sucks you in from the first note and takes you on a dark and guided tour of what could be Hell. “Kiss Me As We Die” hard hitting and in your face, but well balanced with beautiful melody and backing vocals provided by Alissa White-Gluz. Chugging guitar and driving beats make this a favorite. “Virgin Sacrifice” is catchy and will have you humming along even if you don’t know all the words. “We Belong Dead” is about as sexy as a song can be and the 50’s doo wop influence is simply awesome.
This is an amazing ride from start to finish. Doyle began the “Abominate the World Tour 2017” featuring Davey Suicide on June 1st in Raleigh, NC.
You can purchase “Doyle II: As We Die” on Itunes and if you can catch a show you can purchase tickets at www.enterthevault.com