Rival Sons Darkfighter Tour Arrives in Omaha

Rival Sons rolled into The Admiral in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday, June 16, 2023, with The Black Angels and Starcrawler on their Darkfighter Tour. (Photo credit: Pam Whisenhunt)

BY PAM WHISENHUNT | Go Venue Magazine

Rival Sons rolled into Omaha, NE June 16th 2023 with The Black Angels and Starcrawler on their Darkfighter Tour giving a small crowd at the Admiral Theatre a taste of soulful rock.

Los Angeles based Starcrawler were up first. As entertaining as they were, Starcrawler didn’t seem to fit the bill. Starcrawler singer Arrow de Wilde fronted the country western clad, alt-punk rock quintet. They had exceptional stage presence and oodles of energy. I loved watching the sexually overt, theatrical performance that had the crowd jumping and wanting more.

Psychedelic rock band The Black Angels took the stage next. Not familiar with their music, it felt their songs blended together, almost like a mesmerizing jam band. They’re all very talented musicians, playing an assortment of instruments throughout the set.

Finally, Rival Sons, the band the crowd was waiting for. Rival Sons sounded fantastic and started with “Mirrors” off the new Darkfighter album. Jay Buchanan’s vocals were smooth and powerful. Scott Holiday’s solos were flawless. Sidebar… I was struck by how many cool guitars he had. Wow, what a collection! Dave Beste (bass) and Michael Miley (drums) provided a solid foundation. I don’t want to forget Todd Ogren’s (Keyboard) contribution. Ogren was tucked in the back and could hardly see him, but he just as important to the remarkable show put on for us.

Rival Sons

The Black Angels


All images © Pam Whisenhunt

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