Omaha Brings Out the Oddities!

Voodoo’s Odd Shop hosted the annual Omaha Oddities and Art Expo, with performers featuring Travis Newcombe, Katie Karnage Sideshow, Khaos Sideshow, Megan Monster, and Corvus at the DoubleTree Hotel Downtown in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, October 26 and 27, 2019. Photo credit: Joe DeSanti.

BY JOE DeSANTI  | Go Venue Magazine

On Saturday October 26, and Sunday October 27, 2019, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Omaha Downtown in Omaha, Nebraska hosted the annual Omaha Oddities and Art Expo.  This event was open to all ages, and included over 50 vendors, face painting, palm reading, fire performers, aerial performers, magicians, and more.  I enjoyed this year’s venue a lot more than last year’s because there seemed to be a lot more space to walk around.  The unique art that was displayed, the performers, and the event-goers made this the perfect location to people watch.  They don’t call it the Oddities convention for nothing!  Among this year’s performers were the Midwest Magician Travis Newcombe, Katie Karnage Sideshow, Khaos Sideshow, Megan Monster, and Corvus.  With many performances throughout the weekend, guests of the event were treated to all kinds of entertainment which included unthinkable tricks with the human body, fire breathing and swallowing, walking on glass, and high-risk aerial stunts.  Corvus, a sideshow performer that’s fairly new to the scene, was a highlight of the event, and someone who you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on.  His fire breathing, swallowing, and tricks were polished, and just dangerous enough to captivate the crowd.  Combined with the other performers, the art on display, and the other strange and curious things to look at, this event was well worth the price of admission!

All images © Joe DeSanti
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