MIDNIGHT’s Winter Massacre in Rochester

Heavy metal band Midnight performing at the Photocity Music Hall in Rochester, New York on Saturday, February 12, 2022. [Photo credit: Maurice Nunez]

BY MAURICE NUNEZ | Go Venue Magazine

It was a cold, snowy evening in Rochester, NY. Tonight – Saturday, February 12, 2022, the Photo City Music Hall would host an evening with Cleveland natives, Midnight.

Midnight will embark on a ‘The Sanguine Sodomy of North America Tour 2022’ starting in March which will feature Mayhem and Watain. Tonight would be the band’s only show prior to heading out on the road next month. Midnight has also released two singles, “Szex Witchery” and “Nocturnal Molestation” earlier this month. Since 2003, one-man-band Athenar has been churning out an ungodly racket, dropping countless demos, splits and EPs and on March 4th, it will release their fifth full-length, Let There Be Witchery, via Metal Blade Records. The new album promises more of what can be expected from his demented mind, it is a catchy mixture of black and speed metal along with dirty punk rock, and it is relentlessly compulsive.

Tonight, doors opened around 7pm. The crowd was treated to several local opening acts including Rotten, Necrostalker, Deadrider, Dysplacer, Snakebit and DJ Grimeime. This would be known as the Valentines Massacre hosting the infamous headliners, Midnight.

Midnight stated rightfully so when the clock struck 12. The trio took the stage in their classic black hooded attire. Athenar on bass, alongside Commandor Vanik on guitar, and SS on drums. After a short intro that played through the speakers, they opened with “Lord in Chains.” The rowdy crowd quickly began to move in true punk metal fashion by screaming, moshing, and going plain ballistic! From there, Midnight went right into “Endless Slut” followed by “Black Rock n Roll.”

The band went on to play other fan favorites like “Evil Like A Knife,” “Lust Filth and Sleaze” as well as a new single and the first time played, “Szex Witchery.” A wild show to say the least, the photos below will speak for themselves!

Be sure to catch Midnight on their upcoming tour. Check www.midnightviolators.com for all upcoming US and European tour dates.

You can also pre-order the upcoming ‘Let There Be Witchery’ album on their site. Full set list below:

Lord In Chains | Endless Slut | Black Rock n Roll | F****** Speed and Darkness | You Can Drag Me Through Fire | Evil Like A Knife | Szex Witchery | Lust Filth and Sleaze | Penetratal Ecstasy | You Can’t Stop Steele | Who Gives A F*** | Unholy and Rotten | Satanic Royalty (encore)

All images © Maurice Nunez
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