Lydia Can’t Breathe | Concert Review | Acadia Bar and Grill – Houston, Texas | 09-08-2017

Review and photos by James Simons

Acadia Bar and Grill hosted a night of aggressive alternative music on September 8th.

Ashford Lights opened the night with strong, well-written aggressive alternative rock. They filled out their set with “Wonder Woman”, “Melt The Sun”, “Quicksand”, “Martyr”, “Blood”, “New God”, “Zombie Musical”, “Mistress”, “Two Weeks” and ended their set with “Road”.

Lane Griffith (guitar), Matt Johnson (vocals), Joe Kulcak (guitar), Rob Knight (drummer), Adam Kohleffel (bass) comprise Ashford Lights.

Donella Drive was up next, and was impressive with well crafted songwriting, powerful musicianship. Donella Drive’s set consisted of “Alone/World”, “Ty Song”, “Focus”, “Late Night”, “Parallel”, “Primus” and ended with a new ending called “Bruise in the Sky”.

Andrew Salazar (bass), Aidan Escalante (guitar), Johnny Lightning (drums), Jojo (vocals), Derek Badillo (guitar) are Donella Drive.

Lydia Can’t Breathe opened their set with a Star Wars themed entrance, replete with full costumes, theme music and an elaborate light saber fight. They are on the “The Last Get High” tour supporting their new album “Taste“, which is being released October 10th.

Lydia Can’t Breathe are Kyle Bolduc (lead vocals), AJ Murphy (guitar), Josh Runfeldt (drums), Ryan Cowell (guitar) and Shad Roundy (bass).

My first thoughts were “What is this”, but as soon as the music started, I understood. This is a surprising band. I’ve never heard of them before tonight. What a great show, while they were playing I thought to myself why they aren’t on a festival tour, or headlining their own tour of larger venues. The band puts everything into their show, all efforts are expended for each and every person in the crowd. Lydia Can’t Breathe opened their set with “Nameless” and then flowed into “Yabba Dabba” a fine song dedicated to the love of weed. They pounded out “Time” and “Winner” then into “Adventure Out” and “Zebra”. All of which had the attending crowd moving non-stop with the infectious energy that the band was putting out. “`187 Stupid” predicated the night ending “P and J Time” an ode to Peanut and Jelly sanwiches. The band called up two members of the crowd to actually make real PB&J sandwiches and actually toss them into the crowd while they played “P and J Time”. This was surprising to the crowd, but it was the perfect ending to this band’s set. If you’ve not been fortunate enough to see Lydia Can’t Breathe, you need to.

Seriously, Look for where they are playing, put the bong down and get up off the couch and go see this band. 

Process of Illumination ended the night with incredibly long and epic 80’s synth-pop driven prog-rock..



Ashford Lights

Donella Drive

Lydia Can’t Breathe

Process of Illumination