Lords of Acid – “Pretty in Kink” – Album Review

There are few bands capable of causing ear worms for almost thirty years. It was 1990 that song was “I Sit on Acid ”  that lovely lilting voice beckoning. “Darling, come here…”  Almost thirty years later it has happened again. It just seems appropriate that the same band would do it again.

I am of course talking about Lords of Acid.  Techno/ Industrial madman Praga Khan and a fresh new set of sexy troubadours are ready to thrill, tease, and delight all of the senses! Their latest release “Pretty in Kink” available on the “Metropolis” label is twelve tracks of exciting, pants tingling fun!

“Goldfinger” with its complicated timing and powerhouse vocals and the aforementioned ear worm-inducing “Like Pablo Escobar”  all bold reminders why this band has reigned the Techno/Industrial scene for three decades. “ So Goddamn Good”,  “Break Me”, “Sex Cam Girl” and “Flow Juice”  are exciting,  danceable and live up to the band’s lascivious lyrical leanings.

This is a  pleasurable forty-five minutes that is highly recommended to one and all! 

Track list:

  1. Break Me
  2. Ma Fille De Joie
  3. Sex Cam Girl
  4. Flow Juice
  5. Like Pablo Escobar
  6. Before the Night is Over
  7. Androgyny
  8. Goldfinger
  9. What the Fuck!
  10. So Goddamn Good
  11. My Demons Are Inside
  12. We Are the Freaks

“Praise The Lords” they have returned!  

The Lords are: ( right now)
Praga Khan (Mastermind, synth, backing vox and programming)
Erhan Kurken (Synth, guitar and programming)
Marieke Bresseleers (Vox)
Sin Quirin (Guitar)
Galen Wailing (Skin Beater)
Dietrich Thrall (Bass) 

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