An American electronic band Night Club, Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks

By Kim Comer, Go Venue Magazine

Scary World Album Cover


Album Release: August 24, 2018
Genre: Darkwave, synthpop, electronic, gothic pop
Length 30:32

All songs written by Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks
Cadillac Insomniac BMI
Produced by The 3 Kord Scissor King

Singles: “Candy Coated Suicide”



Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks formed in 2012, they are an electronic music duo from Los Angeles, CA .

Not having heard of this synthetic goth pop band, I was intrigued to listen to their new album. The instruments are fun, the chorus in each song is catchy and Emily’s voice is distinct. However, what I’ve come to appreciate is how in depth the lyrics are.

Don’t be fooled by the electronic sounds and upbeat vocals.

The sounds in each song put on a front as do people of being happy and up beat, yet if you listen to the lyrics you can hear about the suffering of depression, illness, addiction, etc. The way they put this album together is extremely smart and creative. 

Candy Coated Suicide 

“Tell me why
I like the way you get me high
So alive, that you just make me wanna die
Tell me why
Why I still want you to be mine?
You’re a poison in my mind
Stop my heart and hope to die


I’m a huge fan of a variety of genres and bands that create their own music, especially when it’s relatable. What grabs my attention most with this album is I didn’t fast forward any song. Before I paid attention to the lyrics I watched the video for ‘Candy Coated Suicide.’ My first thought was, I feel like I’m supposed to be on something to watch this. However, after listening to the song again and then reading the lyrics, it’s like a light bulb went off.

The video is very fitting for this album. Watching this video I believe it touches on the song ‘Schizophrenic’ as well. Anyone who is familiar with a Schizophrenic, knows how difficult it can be for them as they can have hallucinations and delusions.

I definitely think this is an album that shouldn’t be ignored, and a band that is making their mark!


Scary World Tracklist:

  1. Beware! 
  2. Scary World 
  3. Schizophrenic 
  4. Your Addiction
  5. Blood on Your Blade 
  6. Candy Coated Suicide 
  7. Therapy (Get High) 
  8. Imaginary Friend 
  9. Vampires 
  10. Survive

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