Lords Of Acid at Buick City Event Center in Flint, MIchigan

With special guests Orgy, Genitorurers, Little Missy Nasty, and Gabriel And The Apocalypse

Lords of Acid at the Buick City Event Center in Flint, Michigan on Saturday, March 10, 2019. Photo credit: Mike Shaler

BY MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

On March 9th, 2019 in Flint, Michigan.  The Buick City Event Center was host to a wild celebration of gender bending, sex fueled rock and roll headlined by the leader in sexually infused electronic and dance music icons Lords Of Acid on their Pretty In Kink tour.

Getting things kicked off for the evening was Gabriel And The Apocalypse, a heavy hitting industrial rock band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Led by lead singer Lindy Gabriel, the crowd got into the mood quickly and with a ragtag wicked looking bunch of musicians, Jake LaCore on guitar, Figgles McGee on keyboard, Zach Williams on drums and Joey Connelly on guitar.  Gabriel And The Apocalypse came to fuck shit up and left the crowd thirsting for more.

Up next was the erotic performance dance troupe known as Little Miss Nasty.  A rock and roll burlesque show featuring four sexy ladies flashing sexy moves and crowd-pleasing poses.  Little Miss Nasty did two performances in between bands which kept the sexual fever boiling.

Genitorturers came out next to spew their sexual fueled music and performances onto the audience.  With lead singer Gen being the lone original band member since its inception in 1986.  Genitorturers were part of a hardcore music scene brewing out of Orlando, Florida that infused porn with punk and electronic music.  Gen interacted with the audience as well as performers who would arrive on stage in elaborate costumes, the most outrageous was the very tall two horned wild haired monstrosity with a giant dildo protruding in which Gen had some fun with.  Eric Griffin on guitar, Ryan Seelbach on bass guitar and Kriz D.K. on drums rounded out the insanity that makes up Genitorturers

Orgy kept the beat going as they took the stage.  I had forgotten how many great songs Orgy has in their 25 years of rocking the masses.  Obviously, their cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday” and their own “Stitches” are most notable but with other songs like “Fiction Dreams in Digital”, “Opticon” and “Faces”, Orgy had the crowd grooving.  Despite some microphone issues, lead singer Jay Gordon remained focused and even got out into the crowd to sing amongst the fans.  Carlton Bost on lead guitar, Nic Speck on bass guitar, Creighton Emrick on rhythm guitar and Marton Veress on drums provided that electronic industrial sound that brought the party club sound to the venue and had us all thumping along.

Lords Of Acid has been titillating audiences with sex rock since 1988.  The club scene has never been the same since Lords Of Acid has been around.  Pumping up the sex drive of fans with songs like “Pussy”, “Worship The Lords”, “Sex Bomb” along with new material, “Break Me”, “Sex Cam Girl” and “My Demons Are Inside” off their latest album ‘Pretty In Kink’, which are sure to be new club favorites.

Praga Khan on keyboards and backing vocals has been the driving force of Lords Of Acid along with Galen Waling on drums, Dietrich Thrall on bass guitar, Sin Quirin on guitar and new lead singer Marieke Bresseleers, who belted out those lyrics with passion.

With the crowd fully wrapped into the rhythm, Lords Of Acid was sounding great and had the place hopping.  Members of the other bands came onstage at times to join in on the fun.  Make no mistake, Lords Of Acid knows how to party and we can be thankful for the fun they bring to clubs and movies we’ve experienced in our lives.

Lords of Acid



Little Missy Nasty

Gabriel And The Apocalypse

All images © Mike Shaler.

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