LIVE REVIEW: Co-Headliners Weezer / Pixies show at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento on March 9, 2019

Los Angeles' rock band Weezer's vocalist/guitarist Rivera Cuomo and bassist/keyboardist Scott Shriner at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Photo credit: Kris Comer

BY KRIS COMER | Go Venue Magazine

The band Basement opened the co-headliner Weezer/Pixies show. It was a good introduction of 90’s grunge alternative rock to get the crowd pumped up. They formed in 2009 in Ipswich, England and are on tour now with Weezer and Pixies.

Pixies walked out on stage and people stood up from their seats clapping. This was my first Pixies show and it gave me chills of excitement. My first Pixies album was “Doolittle” and it’s a must to own in your music collection! It takes you back to the 90’s when Nirvana was on the radio and Kurt Cobain was still alive. Kurt Cobain admitted his love for the Pixies so much so that he tried simulating “Smells Like Teen Spirit” after their sometimes pop grunge sound. Even Weezer was influenced by the Pixies. They played songs like “Here Comes Your Man”, “Gigantic”, and one of my absolute favorites “Where is My Mind?”. The band formed in 1986 and first played shows in the Boston area. Their first album “Come On Pilgrim” came out in 1987 paving the way for other albums that decade. The Pixies had that 90’s grunge alternative sound before it even was a thing.

Weezer played last and opened with their hit “Buddy Holly” and the crowd went crazy. Everyone was dancing around and raising their hands. The arena echoed with Weezer as they sang. During the first song they shot long strips of confetti into the crowd and everyone was wild with excitement. The band has been around since 1992 and blew up with their “Blue Album” debut in May of 1994. “Undone-The Sweater Song” was like an anthem to my high school days when I was just 17 and the radio actually played awesome music. When I was finally allowed to photograph them I felt mesmerized. I was close enough to actually touch Rivers Cuomo and it felt like Gods were on stage. They even played one of my all time favorite songs “In The Garage” while I was shooting! If you grew up in the 90’s like I did, you’ve gotta have at least one favorite Weezer album and mine is definitely the “Blue Album”. They have already released two new albums in this year alone. One is the “Teal Album” and it’s an awesome cover album with songs like “Africa” by Toto. Don’t miss this tour, it will be the best money you’ve ever spent in your life!




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