July 20, 2018, An exceptional night at the Fox Theater in Pomona with punk legends The Adicts!

A British punk band The Adicts performs in the front of full house at the historic Fox Theater in Pomona (Los Angeles area). Photograph by Gloria Skulls.

Words and photos by Gloria Skulls

Looking up at the dark stage, a colorful banner hangs at the back and the legendary clown face with a bowler hat stares at the crowd. The crowd waits impatiently because they know, that the night will be one to remember. The Adicts hits the stage and begins the show with “Let’s go” smoothly transitioning to “Joker in the Pack”. The Fox Theater was a jammed packed house downstairs and upstairs when The Adicts hit town you better believe that young and old will be right there to enjoy the show. Throughout the show, you can hear the echoes of the fans singing along to every single song! A nonstop whirlwind of bodies in the middle of the general admission area with skins and punks shoulder to shoulder singing along, fists in the air, it really is an exciting thing to see. The Adicts perform many of their greatest hits, “Numbers”, “I Am Yours”, “Fuck It Up” is a great crowd pleaser, gives everyone in the crowd an excuse to get extremely pumped and wild! By the end of the show, The Adicts have a tradition where at every show they end with “Walk On”. Giant beach balls were thrown into the crowd as The Adicts began to play. “Walk On” is a simple song with a very powerful message behind it, people enjoy this because it gives them a sense of comradely that at this day in age it no longer exists, but in the punk community its is still strong till this day. Now to completely give their goodbyes they always perform the best punk version of “Ode to Joy” that I have ever heard. If you have never seen The Adicts live for whatever reason, you are truly missing out on this theatrical, passionate performance from a couple of British kids that will live on through their music forever.

Leftover Crack is an American punk rock band formed in 1998. The style is a mixture of hardcore punk, ska, and crust punk. Their energy gathered up the crowd and set an exciting and electrifying vibe for the night. Lead singer Scott Sturgeon cheered the crowd after during himself a shot of liquor on stage, the crowd went wild! Leftover Crack has an “F” everything and everyone attitude nothing like the main act but it works, they balance each other and that’s the beauty of it. If you have a chance to see Leftover Crack I would recommend it, their in your face, fast and loud!

The Adicts playlist
Lets Go | Joker in the Pack | Horrorshow | And it Was so | Tango | Easy Way Out | Numbers I Am Yours | Angel | Daydreamers | Fuck it Up | Shit Song | Fools | Steamroller | Fucked up World | Crazy | Who Spilt My Beer | Chinese Takeaway | Bad Boy | Gimme Something | Viva La Revolution | Walk On | Ode To Joy

The Adicts

Leftover Crack