CONCERT REVIEW: Sum 41 At The Warfield, San Francisco, CA

The crowd were thrilled to see punk rock staples return to San Francisco

Sum 41 at The Warfield in San Francisco, CA on Friday, April 27, 2018. Photo credit: Kris Comer.

Friday, April 27, 2018 – Super Whatevr was so good that they will be headlining soon! This band is up and coming, extremely talented, well thought out. The lead singer has a great voice that is rich, dramatically romantic, thoughtful, and swoon-worthy.  He sounds like every young kids first bad crush. As a whole they are a band that is rhythmically soulful and free.

This year they have released a new album with a new drummer called “Never Nothing”, from which they played several songs. This band is one to watch for sure.

Seaway is a band you would listen to at the skatepark. They are fast, fun, and punk-pop kings. The lead singer was very good at getting the crowd amped up. I felt like when I was being pumped up at a high school pep rally for the big game on Friday night, in all the best ways. Their sound is very fast, entertaining, and something I would expect to  see at a Vans Warped Tour for years if it hadn’t discontinued after this summer. I can’t wait to see this band while being trampled in the mosh pit, they are just that funs.

Sum 41s crowd presence was apparent even before they stepped on stage. The crowd was already ready to roll even before they band stepped foot on stage. The mosh pit was full on crashing by the time the first note hit the crowd. So fun and I wish I didn’t have my camera in tow or I would have been all over that since it was my first Sum 41 experience!

The band is so energetic they lit up the stage with their punk rock ways. The band seemed so much larger than life as they filled the entire stage with their body language and unique guitar riffs.

It was amazing to see their fast and fun musical style that was so in sync and so in tuned with each other. Their 18 plus years of playing together as a band shines through in their message. They know how to emote from the crowd and even had confetti air cannons to seal the party deal.

I have loved Sum 41 since first discovering them in 2001. What to me is the most remarkable thing is this band has stayed true to themselves. They hit hard and fast and play like they are at an end of the world party circa 1999. It was a pleasure to shoot and hear a band that is so timelessly themselves. I give them so much credit for being true to themselves while putting out new music that is as true to punk-pop as they were almost two decades ago.

– Review by Shauna Sullivan, photographs by Kris Comer.

Sum 41
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