Interview with Bobby Calabrese of CALABRESE

Bobby Calabrese. Photo credit: Andy Hartmark

Go Venue Magazine’s writer/photographer Gloria Skulls had the pleasure to catch up with the Calabrese’s vocalist and guitarist Bobby Calabrese, shortly after their sold out show at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen in Fullerton, California (Los Angeles area). Both talked about the band’s recent two-city tour, their upcoming album and future tour. Calabrese is a three-piece punk rock band that is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, along with Jimmy Calabrese on bass and vocals, and Davey Calabrese on drums.

Go Venue: I want to start off by saying it was a pleasure meeting you guys in Fullerton, what a show! Only two shows in 2018, how did you decide CA should be the one to get the show?

Bobby Calabrese: First and foremost, it’s because California is fucking cool. Plus, we used to play a lot of California shows with our pals, Zombeast, so it felt fitting to head back to give ’em this special Cala-beast Tour.

G.V.: What was the dicing factor to bring along Zombeast? Knowing that they were absent for the last 10 years. How did that conversation go?

Bobby: Zombeast were one of those bands that were just legends from the start. At the time, they became a band shortly after we started our own thing, and we just kind of pushed each other and fed on each other’s songwriting ideas. Like, who could write the coolest riff? Who could play the better Danzig cover? It was a blast to finally share the stage with them again after all these years. We took some time off to write our next record, but when we got word that those guys were looking to return from the grave…we knew what we had to do it.

G.V.: What was your most memorable experience or encounter at the Slider Bar 7/14 show?

Bobby: I don’t know…that it was really fucking hot and sweaty? Hahaha. I think the best part of any gig (besides the actual show) is just hanging out. We’re eternally grateful for the Cala-fans that keep the band alive!

G.V.: Was this show in Fullerton different from other and if so how was it different?

Bobby: It was great! Lots of energy and people just looking to rock the fuck out. I think it was generally just “different” in the fact that they turned the venue into a dance party directly after the show. Which was kinda gnarly. Twerking is alive and well in Fullerton, my friends.

G.V.: Calabrese is working on a new album, what can we expect?

Bobby: Great tunes. Heavier vibes. Super excited to finally get these songs on tape. A lot more emphasis on my favorite subjects – death, destruction, chaos. You know, the cool stuff. We think you’ll dig it.

G.V.: Definitely, can’t wait to see what you guys have for us!
Are there more CA shows in the future for Calabrese?

Bobby: Of course, man. We dig it. You can spend a full week playing shows in California alone. Once we get the new record out, we’ll pack up the gear, and hit the road.

G.V.: Thank you so much for the opportunity Bobby, you guys were awesome! can’t wait to have you back in CA and can’t wait for your new material.

L to R: Jimmy Calabrese, Bobby Calabrese; and Davey Calabrese. Photo Credit: Andy Hartmark

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