Fozzy and Adelitas Way rock the Waiting Room

Chris Jericho of Fozzy performing live at the historic Benson downtown's The Waiting Room in Omaha, Nebraska on Thursday, September 6, 2018. Photo credit: Sara Alexander.


Fozzy brought its Judas Rising Tour with Adelitas Way, Stone Broken, and The Stir, to Omaha’s The Waiting Room Thursday night (September 6, 2018), and it was nothing short of a party.

Stone Broken is a band to watch out for. Their sound bears a resemblance to Nickelback (but in a good way). The UK group managed to gain many new fans in Omaha with songs like “Worth Fighting For” and “Let Me Go.”

Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way busted onto stage with a single released just months ago, “Still Hungry” (if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s killer). Throughout the set, the band managed to pay tribute to many. Gratitude was given to military and police officers before “Ready for War (Pray for Peace),” lovers were encouraged to show affection with “Alive,” and those who have passed on far too soon were remembered with “Good Die Young.”

Adelitas Way is a band who does things their way. Instead of relying on a record label and outside management, they do it all themselves, something that’s nearly unheard of for a band at their level. (Note: Keep a lookout for our interview with them.)

Frontman Rick DeJesus shared how much fan support means to them, even if that means telling people who weren’t at the show what they missed out on or just listening to them on Spotify. It’s hard to not want to support the band based not only on catchy melodies and DeJesus’ ability to convey a lyrical message on anything from romance to just pure badassery, but also on the abundance of passion he clearly possesses in order to accomplish all that he has.

Fozzy hit the crowd hard with opening song “Judas,” the headbanging title track from last year’s album. Frontman/WWE Superstar Chris Jericho took the stage in a snazzy rhinestone-covered leather jacket and multiple scarves. His getups were nothing short of flashy throughout the night, literally. Part of the set he even wore a jacket with covered with tiny flashing lights. By only song three, the party was in full swing. Some lucky concertgoers were invited on stage to party right alongside the group for “Burn Me Out.”

The band was nothing but pure energy bouncing up and down constantly. They never seemed to tire out, and it was contagious. The crowd (undoubtedly comprised of wrestling fans) chanted “Fozzy! Fozzy! Fozzy!” many times throughout the night, and even the band was shocked by the enthusiasm, something they were hardly expecting to receive in Omaha.

Chris Jericho kindly explained the procedure for performing an encore. We all know the band’s gonna come back for another song, so “Why even leave the stage?” he says.

According to Jericho, it has been thirteen years since they last performed in Omaha (at a bowling alley that isn’t even around anymore – [Editor’s note: Ranch Bowl on 72nd Street]). “What were we waiting for?” he yelled. Luckily, he vowed to return in fewer than thirteen years this time. Until then, we’ll all be waiting.

All Photos by Sara Alexander.

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