CONCERT REVIEW: Ministry, Melvins, and COC Invade Anaheim

An American industrial metal band Ministry leads by Al Jourgensen wow'd the crowd at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. (Photo credit: Maurice Nunez)

BY MAURICE NUNEZ | Go Venue Magazine

Tonight Anaheim would be the host of ‘The Industrial Strength Tour 2022’ featuring Ministry, Melvins, and Corrosion of Conformity.  The tour had been rescheduled 3 times due to the pandemic, but tonight, April 13, 2022, it was finally making its way to the House of Blues in Anaheim, California. The official touring lineup consists of Ministry creator and frontman Al Jourgensen (vocals, guitar), Roy Mayorga (drums), Paul D’Amour (bass), Cesar Soto (guitar), Monte Pittman (guitar), and John Bechdel (keyboards). This would be a night to remember as this was the return of Ministry and Go Venue was there to cover it!

Things got started with Corrosion of Conformity as they took the stage first. They started with “Bottom Feeder” and then right into “Paranoid Opioid.” The Anaheim crowd was well aware of COC and instantly welcomed them to the show. Fans were headbanging and singing along to their set as the band went through fan favorites like “Diablo Blvd.,” “Vote With A Bullet,” “Wiseblood,” and “Albatross.” Their set concluded with the classic “Clean My Wounds.” A great set by Corrosion of Conformity, we hope to see them again soon!

Next, it was time for the Melvins! I am familiar with them, but this would be the first time I had an opportunity to catch them live. The band made their way to the stage and went right into “The Kicking Machine.” This three-piece is led by singer and founder Buzz Osborne who moves across the stage like a genie playing punk/metal riffs with pure maddening energy. The band went on to play some heavy bangers like “Anaconda,” “Queen,” “Never Say You’re Sorry,” and “Evil New War God.” At one point they had a second guest drummer, Roy Mayorga of Ministry, join them on stage on “Hooch.” The Melvins ended their set with “The Bit.” What a way to end a crushing set!

Next, it was time for the industrial metal gods, Ministry. The first time I had a chance to see this band was way back in 1992 at Lollapalooza. That year they made everyone’s job drop, and tonight would be no different. Led by Uncle Al (singer Al Jourgensen), the band has had a long career as their music has stood the test of time. This evening they started their set with “Breathe” and then went right into “The Missing.” The band was celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the revolutionary album The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste, so we got to hear some old classics like “Deity,” “Supernaut,” “Burning Inside,” “N.W.O,” and “Thieves.” On the last song of the night they had a special guest join them on stage, Billy Morrison – guitarist for Billy Idol, on the song “Search and Destroy” by Iggy Pop. Now that really made this evening a memorable one.

An absolutely fantastic evening at the House of Blues. We hope to have Ministry as well as the Melvins and Corrosion of Conformity back again soon! See photos and the full set list below.

Set List:
Breathe | The Missing | Deity | Stigmata | Supernaut (Black Sabbath cover) | Don’t Stand in Line (Pailhead cover) | Man Should Surrender (Pailhead cover) | Burning Inside | N.W.O. | Just One Fix | Thieves | So What

Alert Level | Good Trouble | Search and Destroy



Corrosion of Conformity

All images © Maurice Nunez
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