CONCERT REVIEW | Ministry at The Fonda Theater

In Los Angeles on December 20, 2018

Photo credit: Maurice Nunez

BY MAURICE NUNEZ | Go Venue Magazine

What a way to end the year. The first time I ever had a chance to see Ministry was Lollapalooza ’92, back when the festival actually toured. They surprised many and stole the show that year. That was my first glimpse into the chaos of what is known as Ministry. This was a excellent opportunity to see them once again and end the year with a bang!

The first part of their set was dedicated to their new album “AmeriKKKant”, which came out this year. Lead man and founder, Al Jourgensen, was ready to deliver his message as he seems to have a lot say about his discontent with current state of affairs in the US.

Nonetheless, the band played a killer set that was full of energy and kept the crowd engaged.

About midway through their set, Al Jourgensen announced the next half of their set would be dedicated to older songs. This part of the set brought back many memories of seeing Ministry live throughout the years.

They ended the night with a special treat and did a song which they had not performed on stage previously. Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction) and Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks) joined them onstage to perform “Everyday is Halloween.” This was the perfect way to end the night and for the band, a killer way to end the tour in their hometown.

See setlist and photos below!

I Know Words (tape) | Twilight Zone | Victims of a Clown | TV5/4Chan (tape) | We’re Tired of It | Wargasm | Antifa | Game Over | AmeriKKKa | The Land of Rape and Honey | The Missing | Deity | Stigmata | Just One Fix | N.W.O. | Thieves | So What [with Chris Connelly]
(Everyday Is) Halloween [with Dave Navarro on acoustic]

All images © Maurice Nunez.

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